Friday, October 30, 2009

more pics of canberra, OZ

serious. Floridae is a nice place. standing there, everyone would be amazed by the flowers. i personally think that these photos are very very nice, and i really want to share it out.

haha. without a high tech camera, but with these wonderful model ( flowers), shooting great photo is not a dream.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

amazing canberra...

the floriade was really amazing. besides flowers, there are lots of other attraction. imagine sitting in the Marry-go-round and seeing all the flowers under your legs. not to forget the cooling air blowing softly onto your face... such a day!!!
Lake Burley Griffin of canberra. so relaxing and everything was seem so nice if you look at this pic, but the fact is....... it was so cool, not only cool, but actually freezing!!! almost zero degree. but, it is really worthy to be able to stand and witness the view. dont think we would have a chance to see that in malaysia. by the way, Lake Burley Griffin actually is an artificial lake.

birds.... it was so cold, and all the birds were resting at home. so, a few bird statues are hired to do 'part time' just to make sure the lake is not lonely.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

wow~ surrounded by flowers in Canberra, Australia

Australia~ when i think of 'Australia', i will automatically imagine of Opera House & Harbour Bridge of Sydney, the beaches of Gold Coast, the Melbourne... but the capital of Australia- the Canberra had never been in my mind. but, from today onwards, i will always remember it as the beautiful city of flowers. whenever i see flowers, i will think of Canberra.

every year, a lot of people are waiting for the right time to go to Canberra, to see, to smell, to experience the beauty of Canberra. This year, Floriade is on from 12 Sept to 11 Oct 2009, at the Commonwealth Park of Canberra.

Floriade is the biggest flower festival in Australia. can you imagine yourself being surrounded by flowers? everything is so serene, peaceful...

the flowers ( tulips) are so gorgeous. we should go there and see it by our own eyes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

along the highway... scary... exciting.. memories

After we have the service of PLUS highway, i dont have have the chance to use village road. still can remember that long long time ago, we used to stuck in jam in a single-lane village road on our way to Kuala Lumpur. but with the highway, i can go northern and sourthen easily, fast and safe( safer if compared to winding road). Although the tol price goes up and up again, but still have to thanks for giving us a highway, but really hope that the price will be stagnant but the service will be improving.

i never been to Segamat, a town in Johor before. To my surprise, there is no highway directly link to Segamat from Kuala Lumpur. well. cant deny that i'm a 'katak di bawah tempurung' ( frog in the well means someone who is in a confinement and doesnt know what is going out there).

now, let me show you how to go to Segamat from UPM, Serdang. Basically, we just went straight the highway and follow the signboard directing to Melaka. all along the road, we can see palm oil platation and not to forget the big signboard that stood in front of the platation.

here it is. Sime Darby Platation!!! wow..... Sime Darby is so rich. the highway is surrounded by their plantation from Serdang till............. not sure where, but i know it is a very long distance. besides plantation, USJ , Putra Heights are developed by Sime Darby too.

ok. back to the journey. We exit the tol at Simpang Empat ( if you want to go to A Famosa, you can exit through here too.), then follow the signboard to Muar. then, go straight and go and go....... go through all the village places. 'S' shaped roads. long time did not use this kind of road already, remind me of my childhood. haha.

After many many 's' shaped road, we finally reach Segamat after 1 hours drive in the winding road. We spent some time in Segamat, then we went back to kl the next day.

We decided to try another road to go back to KL. From Segamat, we went through Jementah and Tangkat , then entered PLUS tol. but, the journey was very veyr 'exciting'!!! why? the road was even more winding than from Simpang empat way.

luckily, i was not the driver. if not, throughout the journey, my adrenaline would flush to maximum and extremely tense up. please excuse me for being so 'katak di bawah tempurung', i really never see so many road signs in a road in my life.serious. so many roadsigns.

mother ( big) signboard with its children signboard.
these signboards serve their purpose very well and alert all the road users to be extra careful

not kidding. the road is really like a snake....
dont speed. slow and steady. berhati-hati di jalan raya. besides that, there are a lot of big sign boards stood beside the roadside saying 'kawasan kemalangan'....

hehe. not all the palm oil plantations are owned by Sime Darby. i can see IOI property too.
baby palm oil....

5 years later... oil palm... money.. money....
long long ago, we can see rubber tree along the road, and now we can see palm oil along the road. from here, we can see that, the trend will change, and we must always keep upgrading ourselves to keep our competatives!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

angel or devil?

who is she?

Name : Muffin a.k.a. naughty girl ( kuai kuai) / shui poh
D.O.B : year 2008 ( some day around Chinese New Year)
Birth place : somewhere in a garden of a house
BW : 1.8kg
Hobbies : eat ( she can eat anything. just put anything into the mouth), but at the same time, she can just choosy on her main course. rather starving, then eat other brand of dog biscuits. of coz, she is just like all others child in the world. never say 'no' to junk food.

another hobbies is barking. when you open the door, she barks. when you eat, she barks. when you walk around her, she barks. Muffin, shut up!!!

she loves exercise alot. run, and run whenever she got a chance. she can run faster than me.serious. although she is skinny, and with short legs, but she can run real fast, like a horse, should be like a wild horse.

she is quite smart, but stubborn. she knows simple commands and when we put up our hand, she will slowly sit down, and wait........ and wait......... for the reward. she is really adorable, other than the most important thing, which is hygiene. 'bomb' my house and 'flood' my floor whenever she likes. when will she learn to take care of her hygiene??!!!!!

little muffin.......... with innocent face.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

jakarta... what am i doing in jakarta!

jakarta.. jakarta.. jakarta..

i never thought of going to Jakarta. to be frank, i never think of traveling to Jakarta and it should be at the bottom of my travel list. anything special there?!!i know that Bali is a great place with breathtaking views; lake toba with its famous lake and what about jakarta? i wonder.

anyway, i was so fortunate to have a chance to go for a company training in jakarta. first thing that i noticed in jakarta is........... the traffic jam. it was about 11pm when we reaced the city, but the traffic was so bad!! almost forget to mention that, actually we used the highway ( Rp 5500) but we still stuck in traffic jam. but, i was really amazed by the tough and hardy indonesian. when i looked at them, i just thought wow, they do have business minds and they can do anything. without the determinations and strong body, who can stand the heat, air pollution?

busy preparing food beside a busy road. the weather is killing us, wondering how they can stand there whole day? by the way, is it hyegenic? and any customers buying from them?

selling wooden statue in a busy road. walking in between the busy road. umm.... it is not easy to earn a living here.

this is jakarta!!! only part of it. this is the ordinary jakarta. it does have the luxury side which is comparative to our KLCC.

traffic jam again.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

why thai food is so delicious??!

thai food is really very special and delicious. it seems like wherever we go, there would be tasty food waiting for us.

there are lots of food stalls along the roadside, which selling all kinds of food such as cakes, fish, rice, soya bean...... the price is reasonable too. dont ever miss the local food!!!

my breakfast- the thai style omelette with mushroom served with a very nice strawberry plate and sky juice. 250 baht.

our breakfast... yum yum.. the pork rice with vegetables is very yummy. 250 baht too.

this is the stall. simple but serves great food. although it is just located next to a busy road, but sitting there, we dont really annoyed by the polluted air. anyway, dont really notice that too.

buffet lunch in a conference room. food is once again great and well-presented too. cant wait to eat again!!!

food + shopping = thailand

Friday, May 15, 2009

half day shopping in JJ market, bangkok...... all bout pets

in Thailand, their pets and related products are sold much cheaper than in Malaysia. the price of a purebreed dog costs half compared Malaysia.but, please don't smuggle dogs into Malaysia to prevent unwanted infectious diseases. a very interesting but questionable(?) practice in the market that we can observed is all the pet stalls are located nearby and all the pets are in close contact with each others, dont they worry of spreading of infectious diseases????

all kind of food............................... yum yum.....

food again........ collar and leash.......... all with very reasonable price

can you see the small tiny creatures on her hands??they are squirrels, i think. they were tied up and didnt have the chance to jump or run.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

royal asia lodge , bangkok

during my 4-day-3-nights stay in bangkok, i stay in the Royal Asia Lodge where it is situated off Sukhumvit Road on Soi 8. Sukhumvit Road is a very busy road with its own attraction. the most important thing is transportant is very convenient. our lodge is about 10 minutes walking distance from the Nana station.

free shuttle tuk tuk service is provided 24 hours by the lodge to and go from the lodge. actually, many hotels also provide tuk tuk service. by the way, the tuk tuk driver is very nice. if go to thailand, must try tuk tuk at least once. the feeling is different from taking taxi or car.

the room is 1000 baht per night. although it looks that it has gone through a lot ( or in short, look old), but it is with basic facilities, clean ( most important) and the service is good.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

shopping in chatucak market, bangkok

sa wa dee ka....... >_<>

as i always say, the world is very small. i never thought that i would meet one of my friend in the air plane and he was going to bangkok for business trip. thanks to him, i had free ride to my hotel. that day was totaly a dramatic day as the hotel was booked by my boss and i was told that all the payment was done. guess what ? the receptionist said no payment was done and credit card details was taken just to comfirm the room reservation. so, i sent a message to my superior and no response from them. being a extremly thrifty person, i only messaged them and dint make a call, because calling back to malaysia will cost me RM 3/ min.

wait and wait..... and still waiting for their reply. of course, i will not just sit there and wait.i put my luggage in my friend's hotel room and we out for our very important mission.

heading to chatuchak weekend market!!!

it was a very hot day and with the bad ventilation there, we had heat stress and cant enjoy our shopping to 100%, if not, i think we can shop till we drop. but, at first , we planned to shop till 6 pm, but at about 4 pm, we already felt very tired+ hot+sticky body. so, we went back and rest in the hotel. my friends bought a lot of shirts and it only 80 bath per piece!! very nice shirts and maybe it would cost at least RM15 in malaysia.

thai just loves spice.we can always see a combination of spice /flavoring on the food table

fried rice in JJ market. 25 baht

fried noodle in JJ market. 30 baht

shopping! shopping! we can can anything here. shirts, key chains, lanterns, animal products, food, drinks....... price are reasonable too provided that you bargain.

more about chatuchak weekend market
it is not open everyday.
  • wed & thur ( plants & flowers only) 6am -6pm
  • fri ( wholesale day ) 6am-6pm
  • sat & sun ( miscellaneous ) 6am -6pm
how to get there? ( remember to take a map at the airport)
sky train BTS at the mochit station ( for me, as we stay at nana station, it costed us 40 baht)
besides that, we can go there by bus too.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

bangkok, here i come....

Victory monument

i thought that i am not going to be able to go to bangkok to attend a scientific congress due to the political unstable situation of bangkok for the pass few weeks. really worry when i saw all the news from bangkok. BANG + BOOM + FIGHT.... luckily, finally the situation is back to normal at the moment..... yeah.. and i can start packing my luggage and go overseas to attend my first international congress.

this is a very meaningful trip for me because:

  • first time to attend international congress
  • can learn some new info from the congress and at the same time can go shopping!!! yes!!! JJ market
  • can take a few days off from work and breath in the thai air
  • i'll go there by my own/ alone without frens with me.... ( wow.nervous.will i ended up in somewhere else? Paris? haha) challenging...
  • the trip is partially sponsored by my boss... thanks boss >_<

Friday, April 17, 2009

our dear friends...

my brother just downloaded a marvelous photo-editing program which really make my life much more easier. before this, if i wanted to edit any photo, i have to use photo shop or other programs which was really time consuming especially for me who is computer illiterate. but, now, with the right tool, everything is so easy.

hehe. these are some of my 'master piece'....

leopard cat- she is so cute with the innocent eyes, but the truth is........ she is with her wild instinct

a pair of rhino who were kept in the centre for breeding purpose but, i think they still dont have any offspring till now

sepilok orang utan reservation centre is really a good place to have a closer look on our wildlife friends. do visit them if you drop by sandakan.

Friday, April 10, 2009

sabah : my name is SUN BEAR!!!

i am using darlie toothpaste... hehe.. white and shining...

maybe we would wonder what are sun bears doing in the sepilok orang utan rehabilitation centre. well, although orang utans are the main spotlight in the centre, the centre also houses other wildlifes such as sun bears, rhino....

sun bear is the smallest member in the bear families. the most special features of sun bear is the yellow crescent mark on its chest and it looks like a rising sun. thats's where the sun bear get its name.

sitting in the cage. waiting for food... waiting for shower.... wait and wait...

i may look cute and friendly, but dont simply touch me because i am may 'hurt' you

Monday, April 6, 2009

no admittance!!!

the entrance of Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

some of my friends asked me that is all the tourists are allowed to hug the orangutan? well. the answer is nope. we were allowed to be in the wildlife clinic because we were volunteers. basically, tourists are not permitted in this area.

interested to know about the rehabilitation process? below are the information that i got from the brochure produced by wildlife department in year 1994 ( quite old already, maybe there are some changes?). first, all animals are given a health examination then followed by a quarantine period of 3-6 months. a series of medication exams will be done too.

after that, young orangutan (1-3 years old) will be in the nursery school to learn all the wildlife skills because captive orangutans that are deprived of their mothers are unable to find food, build nests or climb properly.
but, for those that are out from quarantine and ready for more challenging life, they will be sent to platform A ( outward bound school) where the food and emotional supports of the rehabilitation station is gradually reduced. they are given more freedom and learn to survive in the jungle.

if the orangutan has gradually adapted itself to the wildlife and shows signs of independence, it is gradually moved deeper into the forest and further away from the center and at the platform B. then, they eventually become a member of the sepilok's wild orangutan population.

then, mission accomplished. what a long process?!! that why actually wildlife department is doing a great job for our closest friend, the big apes.

enjoying themselves while waiting to be brought out to jalan jalan