Tuesday, October 6, 2009

along the highway... scary... exciting.. memories

After we have the service of PLUS highway, i dont have have the chance to use village road. still can remember that long long time ago, we used to stuck in jam in a single-lane village road on our way to Kuala Lumpur. but with the highway, i can go northern and sourthen easily, fast and safe( safer if compared to winding road). Although the tol price goes up and up again, but still have to thanks for giving us a highway, but really hope that the price will be stagnant but the service will be improving.

i never been to Segamat, a town in Johor before. To my surprise, there is no highway directly link to Segamat from Kuala Lumpur. well. cant deny that i'm a 'katak di bawah tempurung' ( frog in the well means someone who is in a confinement and doesnt know what is going out there).

now, let me show you how to go to Segamat from UPM, Serdang. Basically, we just went straight the highway and follow the signboard directing to Melaka. all along the road, we can see palm oil platation and not to forget the big signboard that stood in front of the platation.

here it is. Sime Darby Platation!!! wow..... Sime Darby is so rich. the highway is surrounded by their plantation from Serdang till............. not sure where, but i know it is a very long distance. besides plantation, USJ , Putra Heights are developed by Sime Darby too.

ok. back to the journey. We exit the tol at Simpang Empat ( if you want to go to A Famosa, you can exit through here too.), then follow the signboard to Muar. then, go straight and go and go....... go through all the village places. 'S' shaped roads. long time did not use this kind of road already, remind me of my childhood. haha.

After many many 's' shaped road, we finally reach Segamat after 1 hours drive in the winding road. We spent some time in Segamat, then we went back to kl the next day.

We decided to try another road to go back to KL. From Segamat, we went through Jementah and Tangkat , then entered PLUS tol. but, the journey was very veyr 'exciting'!!! why? the road was even more winding than from Simpang empat way.

luckily, i was not the driver. if not, throughout the journey, my adrenaline would flush to maximum and extremely tense up. please excuse me for being so 'katak di bawah tempurung', i really never see so many road signs in a road in my life.serious. so many roadsigns.

mother ( big) signboard with its children signboard.
these signboards serve their purpose very well and alert all the road users to be extra careful

not kidding. the road is really like a snake....
dont speed. slow and steady. berhati-hati di jalan raya. besides that, there are a lot of big sign boards stood beside the roadside saying 'kawasan kemalangan'....

hehe. not all the palm oil plantations are owned by Sime Darby. i can see IOI property too.
baby palm oil....

5 years later... oil palm... money.. money....
long long ago, we can see rubber tree along the road, and now we can see palm oil along the road. from here, we can see that, the trend will change, and we must always keep upgrading ourselves to keep our competatives!!!


Xjion89 said...

wow, it seemed so deserted!@@

:: hamano asuka :: said...

LOL welcome to segamat, my hometown.i took the road at least 6 times a month.imagine that !!

btw i love your blog because there is so much on traveling.i wish i get to travel like you~~