Thursday, August 26, 2010

Australia Election --->> Hung Parliament?

21 August 2010 was a special day for Australians. It is Australia election day and the first Australian Election that i had seen. The way the political parties run their campaign are differ from in Malaysia. If it is in Malaysia, we can see most of the streets would be nicely decorated with posters and flags. In Australia, posters can only be seen at election centres and only a handful of them. Australia is really an open country and they can openly 'discuss' about another party in television commercial.

Julia Owens from Labour Party with the slogan of working for you

The first female Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard with her slogan of Let's move Australia Forward

Charles Camenzuli from the Liberal Party and below him is Tony Abbot, the head of Liberal Party. As you can see, really not many poster were displayed there.

Candidate from Green Party

voters were queuing up. No flags. NO posters. i think it is kind of boring compared to Malaysia's election.

Crowds of people were queuing up too

Me and Tony Abbot. His poster is really nice, so, i took a pic with him. NO other intention.

What would be the future of Australia after the election?
Australia is going to form a first Hung Parliament. Hung parliament occurs when neither major political party ( Liberal and Labour) has an absolute majority of seats in the parliament. Both of the party leaders are busy negotiating with the independent in order to gain their supports. or, re-election??

No matter what is going to happen, hope that everything would be great for the future of Australia!!!
cheers :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

My temporary 'HOME' in Australia

We are so fortunate that we have a place to stay. Nope. It is not FOC, but we have to pay rental and it is not cheap. ONLY AUD 480 for a house. ( But, our friend rents out a room for us).

In Malaysia, we would ask how much is your rental per MONTH? but, in Australia, the rental is paid per WEEK. So, i think you can image that it is not cheap. But, it is a nice house and with good location. The only negative thing is the "hyperactive" neighbour that love to play musics and listening to song with its highest volume. ( They are doing it now) HOpefully one day, they would change that. pray for me ya... :)

here, please have a look at the house.

Welcome to my house. Oops. Wrong pic. This is one of my dream houses.

Here you are. My house is the single-storey red brick house at the back. Here, it is very common to see a house that is built behind another house, such as my house. It is because before this, the land of my house ( not really my house, but the place where i stay) belonged to the same owner of the white house in the front. Australian houses are usually with big elongated land, where at the front, they built a house, and they reserve a big land for their backyard. They built another house at the backyard and sell it.

A closer look of the house

The porch?

a decent kitchen with white-theme cabinet

Dining area


we have bath tub

Living room

We have orange tree!!! Have you seen orange on orange tree before?? That was my first time.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sydney : Candy... i love STICKY candy- Must eat & Must see!!!

What is this? It is not a toy, but a candy or to be more precise, the sticky fruit- orange candy from STICKY. It is hand-made and the best part is... we can even see how this candy is born ( i mean the hand-made candy-making process).

When i walked around the Rock, Sydney, i found this store which is full with bottles and colourful candies. Indeed very special. Really wish to bring all of them home. They are so CUTE. It is Sticky Fruit- Cherry ( with smiley face)

Sticky Word Rock- I Love You (Up) ; Sticky Fruit- Banana (Down)

Rainbow rock (Up) ; Raspberry rock ( Down)

Sticky Fruit - lemon (Up) ; Sticky Pillows- Raspberry/Lemonade (Down). This is only some of their candies. They have a variety of candies and some are with words such as ' Thank you' and you can even request to put your name or write anything on the candy for wedding and anything.

Another special feature of this shop is... Free Show. The Sticky Masters do their candy openly in his open kitchen and anyone is welcomed to see the 'show'.

oops... i was late for the show and i missed the earlier part. I only saw the girl wrap a orange-colour skin on the big roll. Then, she rolled and rolled and ...( X many many times)

Then, they pulled the roll and 'magic' happened. The big roll was pulled into smaller rolls and cut shorter as shown on the table.

Can you see that? This was how she pulled the candy roll. Amazing

He rolled & rolled the 'mini' candy rolls.

Then, something happened. All the audience also couldnt believe their eyes because he put a small spade to chop the candy rolls into smaller pieces. It was very hard to explain and you should see it yourself.

Happy time. They gave free sampling and all the audience were thrilled. The Sticky Fruit- Orange really tasted like orange and it was hot when we took it from the bowl. Yummy

Tips bowl made from candy. No wonder they got quite a good sum of tips.

Candy by Sticky ( Traditional hand made yummy)
Shop 10, The Rocks Centre,
Kendall Lane,
The Rocks

6 Eu Tong Sen Street,
#B1-54/55 The Central,
Singapore 059818

and not forgetting Sticky-Malaysia
LG 213 Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sydney Where to go - Sdyney Wildlife World

I really have to say this : Australians are very creative. I really like the design of the logo of Sydney Wildlife World. Can you see that? a kangaroo, a reptile, some dots and the aboriginal-feeling. It truly shows the identity of Australia Culture & wildlife.

We still not yet go in and explore the Wildlife World. No time & no money YET. Anyway, we managed to take a few pics with Ms Kangaroo.

What are you doing? Where do you put your hand??? OH My Goodness!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I thought I was in China instead of Australia

Where was i? I thought I was in China. I was surrounded by Chinese. They spoke Mandarin. They were very fashionable, wearing nice jackets and high boots. But, i can see lots of Mat Salleh too.

Welcome to the China Town of Sydney
Singapore BBQ Pork in China Town, Sydney

Chinese stuff with chinese name

Chinese Food Court ( even in Chinese name)- who would think that it was in Sydney?

Chinese noodle & rice- very big portion!!! AIUD 10

You can get any chinese food there

China Town, Chinese face

Have you tried Xinjiang before? Anyway, not really my cup of tea.

The weather was so good. It was a best time to have a walk around Sydney city especially Darling Harbour and Circular Quay.

Obviously everyone also shared the same thinking and Sydney was packed with HUMAN. Actually it is really a great leisure to walk in cool weather especially there is not sweating and not hot.

Gorgeous blue sky & small fountain

What a relaxing place..

Other than Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife World also located in Darling Harbour. We have not visited them because the tickets look like pretty expensive. Single entry to Wildlife world for adult is $34.99( about RM 105). But, Sydney Wildlife World really seem very interesting. It has 3 levels and exhibits more than 130 different species of Australian animals. wow..... Maybe next time.

In order to attract more visitors to most of the 'educational' places, there come out with a promo which are :
Explore 4 Combo Pass ( $ 49.99)
  • for Single entry to Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife World, Sdyney Tower and Oceanworld Manly
  • valid for 3 months

Unlimited Adventure Pass ( $ 59.99)
  • Same as above except it is not single entry, but unlimited entry to those 4 places until 30th June 2011. (wow~ what a great deal)

Annual Adventure Pass ( $ 69.99)
  • 12 months unlimited entry to those 4 places
For more information, please log on to :

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yummy...Yummy.. Vietnamese food in Parramatta, Australia

Australia is a multicultural country with a variety of food, such as Vietnamese, Lebanan, Korean, Chinese, Indian ....

My first dinner in Australia- Vietnamese Restaurant in Parramatta.


Vietnamese Beef Noodle - AUD 11. Very very big portion of noodle with lots of noodle, beef, delicious bean sprout and Basil ( My fauvourite!!!). This noodle is definitely too much for me. if continue to eat big portion of food like this, i am sure that my size will double up too. scary...

Fresh + Hot spring rolls - AUD 11. Thats all? See below...

It is not only a simple fried spring rolls. This spring rolls also served with a big cabbage, bean sprout and vegetables. Indeed a healthy food.

wow~~~ When we took a bite on the wrap spring roll, it was so juicy, refreshing and delicious!!!!

Pho Pasteur in Parramatta

ps: Two of us are such a small-eaters and we took away half of the spring rolls. We were charged extra AUD 0.50 for a plastic container. Should have prepare my own container... but would it seem very 'kiam siap'???