Monday, July 11, 2011

Kiama - the blow hole. What is that? See it yourself

Another great destination in Great Ocean Road would be Kiama. Its name is derived from an aboriginal word, means 'where the sea makes noise'. What a great name?! Kiama Blow Hole is its main attraction, and it is well-signaged and we can just follow the signboards (without GPS) and found our way.

Good explanation on the formation of blow hole. Basically, large waves enter the mouth of Blowhole and compress the air within the inner cavity. The escaping air forces the trapped water up the blow hole with a loud 'whoopm'.

Beautiful mountain, strong winds, rapid current of sea water...

The blow hole is very big and the rocks are gigantic if compared to the visitors standing on top of it. Where is the blow hole?

Here you are.

Wow... speechless... something that must be seen with our own eyes

Some history about Kiama Blow Hole. It was first visited by a mat salleh about 300 years ago.

Kiama Light House- used to be very important during the old days

Other than the Kiama Blow Hole, another interesting place in Kiama is the Rock Pool. It is actually sea water, but it is a enclosed swimming area where visitors can swim or play around in a safer place. So, if you happen to visit Kiama, dont forget to bring along your swimming gears. If not, you may end up as regret as I was.

Planning to spend more times in Kiama, there are plenty of accomodation in Kiama. By the way, there is a public toilet, just adjacent to the rock pool. It has shower facilities too.

Overall, What an enjoyable day... I will come back again.... :)

For summary of our journey of the day:

we departed from Sydney around 11am ----> Bald Hills ---> SeaCliff Bridge---> Nam Tian Temple + lunch ---> Kiama Tourist Centre, just near to Kiama Blow Hole ---> Kiama Blow Hole ---> Wollongong ---> Reach Sydney around 7pm.