Monday, May 30, 2011

Wollongong - How I wish this is my house!!!

Along the journey, we saw many beautiful beachside house. This is just one of them and it was for sale at the time.

Spacious deck at the back and overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Imagine this is what you see every morning, every afternoon, or 27/7.... a perfect holiday house

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wollongong- A place that shouldnt be missed

If you want to have a day trip or short trip away from Sydney, where would you go? Central Coast? Wollongong? My friends always tell me that Wollongong and the Grand Pacific Drive are very gorgeous and I should go there one day.

Wollongong is a seaside city in the Allawarra region of New South Wales and it is the 3rd largest city in NSW. The quickest way to go to Wollongong from Sdyney is via M1 and Princess Highway South. If you have a little longer time, I would highly recommend to go for the Grand Pacific Drive. It is a very scenic way to see more of Wollongong, the escarpment and the cliffs. Dont have GPS and worry may get lost? No worries. Grand Pacific Drive is well signaged.

Look for 'Wollongong' or the brown signage of 'Grand Pacific Drive' and it would lead you to all the interest spots of the journey, namely the Bald Hill, Sea Cliff Bridge and others. If you have more time, you can also drop by the National Park along the way.

A detailed signage explaining the geography and things to see or do along the Grand Pacific Highway. The tourism board really does a great job.

All the seaside cities... so beautiful..

It took us around 90 minutes to reach the first stop in our journey- The Bald Hill. Standing there, really relaxing and the view is really fantastic. The only downside is the wind is extremely strong, as if it may blow us away. The 'snaky' looking bridge down there is the famous Sea Cliff Bridge.

But the strong wind is what needed for tandem hanggliding. If you like to take changllenges and with extra cash in your pocket, you should try this out with about AUD 245 (weekend & public holidays) or AUD 220 (weekdays).

A view from Bald Hill. It is just so magnificient and put me off all my narrow perceptions because the world out there is so BIG. Acceptance....

From Bald Hill, we drove down to Sea Cliff Bridge. There are parkings before and after the bridge. Pedestrians are alllowed to walk on the bridge using the pedestrian path.

Love locks in Sea Cliff Bridge

So romantic

To be continued........