Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pet expo in University of Sydney- what a day?

University of Sydney is huge. With the help of map and road sign, we managed to get to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The two big balloons on the roof are very eye-catching and promoting their 24 hours service.

oh~ FREE vet checks by the vets of this faculty. haha. this dog really had an enjoyable time and so do the owner because he can easily save up to AUD 50 of consultation fees.

As usual, pet expo is full with dogs- all kind of macho, cute, or 'colourful' dogs. Generally, they are really well-behaved.

Big event like this is more lively with a mascot. The Shepherd dog is so lovely.

Usually, dogs & cats are enemies and it is seldom for us to see dogs and cats to be in a same event in Malaysia. But, for this pet event, other than doggy activities, they also had a cat show on that day. The handsome guy that holding a cat is the famous vet celebrity- Dr Chris Brown from Bondi Vet ( A famous TV show in Australia). The lady above is a judge that judging on the cats for cat beauty contest.

This cat is so feminine and photogenic

dodgy- looking kitty

kids love petting zoo. It is a rather unusual zoo as they have ducks, sheeps, guinea pigs and even a Piggy!!!

Top 3 precious scene of the day- Cat on leash and walking happily!!! ( most of the cats hate leash) . Piggy walking around the petting zoo and the last is chicken on the shoulder of a boy - with a leash!!!

Besides dogs and cats welfare society, there are exotic and small animal welfare societies in Australia which promotes cares and loves to these small animals such as ferrets, hamsters, rabbits and others.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

University of Sydney- oPen Day

University of Sydney- one of the best Uni in Australia and everyone is dying & fighting to get into was having an open day. It was a big event of the year and full with students, families, and visitors (sticky beak- and i am one of them).

It is huge, with big, sophisticated-looking building and also..

rather old-styled building.... ( crowded with visitors as they were busy gather information regarding the courses that they are interested to)

wow~~~ it is soOOOooooo........ ancient & magnificent

Open day would attract a good crowd of people and people = blood and it is wise that red cross australia had a blood donation campaign there. For more info, please visit

balloons, freebies, information booths, some other activities ( solar viewing using a special stethoscope and good explanation by professional) .... it is indeed a interesting day

beside open day of University of Sydney, Faculty of Veterinary Science also organised their Pet fun day which is really enjoyable.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loy Krathong Festival

The main event of the day is floating 'krathong' and make a wish beside the Parramatta river. Due to it was dark (night time) and inadequacy of my camera, the river was cant be seen from the pic. But, the main focus of this pic is the number of staffs that help in the security and safety of the visitors. They really made sure everybody following the rules and take care of themselves and not to fall into the river.

Heaps of performances & dances. Dramas in Thai too. Too bad that I cant understand that, but lots of audiences really enjoyed themselves and laughed & claps too. They are Thais.

Delicious food and the price is considerably cheap

Thai roti. yum yum

The making of Thai roti. seem simple

Thais in their costumes during the ceremony

Arent them pretty? They are Miss Thailand.