Monday, May 25, 2009

why thai food is so delicious??!

thai food is really very special and delicious. it seems like wherever we go, there would be tasty food waiting for us.

there are lots of food stalls along the roadside, which selling all kinds of food such as cakes, fish, rice, soya bean...... the price is reasonable too. dont ever miss the local food!!!

my breakfast- the thai style omelette with mushroom served with a very nice strawberry plate and sky juice. 250 baht.

our breakfast... yum yum.. the pork rice with vegetables is very yummy. 250 baht too.

this is the stall. simple but serves great food. although it is just located next to a busy road, but sitting there, we dont really annoyed by the polluted air. anyway, dont really notice that too.

buffet lunch in a conference room. food is once again great and well-presented too. cant wait to eat again!!!

food + shopping = thailand

Friday, May 15, 2009

half day shopping in JJ market, bangkok...... all bout pets

in Thailand, their pets and related products are sold much cheaper than in Malaysia. the price of a purebreed dog costs half compared Malaysia.but, please don't smuggle dogs into Malaysia to prevent unwanted infectious diseases. a very interesting but questionable(?) practice in the market that we can observed is all the pet stalls are located nearby and all the pets are in close contact with each others, dont they worry of spreading of infectious diseases????

all kind of food............................... yum yum.....

food again........ collar and leash.......... all with very reasonable price

can you see the small tiny creatures on her hands??they are squirrels, i think. they were tied up and didnt have the chance to jump or run.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

royal asia lodge , bangkok

during my 4-day-3-nights stay in bangkok, i stay in the Royal Asia Lodge where it is situated off Sukhumvit Road on Soi 8. Sukhumvit Road is a very busy road with its own attraction. the most important thing is transportant is very convenient. our lodge is about 10 minutes walking distance from the Nana station.

free shuttle tuk tuk service is provided 24 hours by the lodge to and go from the lodge. actually, many hotels also provide tuk tuk service. by the way, the tuk tuk driver is very nice. if go to thailand, must try tuk tuk at least once. the feeling is different from taking taxi or car.

the room is 1000 baht per night. although it looks that it has gone through a lot ( or in short, look old), but it is with basic facilities, clean ( most important) and the service is good.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

shopping in chatucak market, bangkok

sa wa dee ka....... >_<>

as i always say, the world is very small. i never thought that i would meet one of my friend in the air plane and he was going to bangkok for business trip. thanks to him, i had free ride to my hotel. that day was totaly a dramatic day as the hotel was booked by my boss and i was told that all the payment was done. guess what ? the receptionist said no payment was done and credit card details was taken just to comfirm the room reservation. so, i sent a message to my superior and no response from them. being a extremly thrifty person, i only messaged them and dint make a call, because calling back to malaysia will cost me RM 3/ min.

wait and wait..... and still waiting for their reply. of course, i will not just sit there and wait.i put my luggage in my friend's hotel room and we out for our very important mission.

heading to chatuchak weekend market!!!

it was a very hot day and with the bad ventilation there, we had heat stress and cant enjoy our shopping to 100%, if not, i think we can shop till we drop. but, at first , we planned to shop till 6 pm, but at about 4 pm, we already felt very tired+ hot+sticky body. so, we went back and rest in the hotel. my friends bought a lot of shirts and it only 80 bath per piece!! very nice shirts and maybe it would cost at least RM15 in malaysia.

thai just loves spice.we can always see a combination of spice /flavoring on the food table

fried rice in JJ market. 25 baht

fried noodle in JJ market. 30 baht

shopping! shopping! we can can anything here. shirts, key chains, lanterns, animal products, food, drinks....... price are reasonable too provided that you bargain.

more about chatuchak weekend market
it is not open everyday.
  • wed & thur ( plants & flowers only) 6am -6pm
  • fri ( wholesale day ) 6am-6pm
  • sat & sun ( miscellaneous ) 6am -6pm
how to get there? ( remember to take a map at the airport)
sky train BTS at the mochit station ( for me, as we stay at nana station, it costed us 40 baht)
besides that, we can go there by bus too.