Monday, May 25, 2009

why thai food is so delicious??!

thai food is really very special and delicious. it seems like wherever we go, there would be tasty food waiting for us.

there are lots of food stalls along the roadside, which selling all kinds of food such as cakes, fish, rice, soya bean...... the price is reasonable too. dont ever miss the local food!!!

my breakfast- the thai style omelette with mushroom served with a very nice strawberry plate and sky juice. 250 baht.

our breakfast... yum yum.. the pork rice with vegetables is very yummy. 250 baht too.

this is the stall. simple but serves great food. although it is just located next to a busy road, but sitting there, we dont really annoyed by the polluted air. anyway, dont really notice that too.

buffet lunch in a conference room. food is once again great and well-presented too. cant wait to eat again!!!

food + shopping = thailand

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