Saturday, July 11, 2009

jakarta... what am i doing in jakarta!

jakarta.. jakarta.. jakarta..

i never thought of going to Jakarta. to be frank, i never think of traveling to Jakarta and it should be at the bottom of my travel list. anything special there?!!i know that Bali is a great place with breathtaking views; lake toba with its famous lake and what about jakarta? i wonder.

anyway, i was so fortunate to have a chance to go for a company training in jakarta. first thing that i noticed in jakarta is........... the traffic jam. it was about 11pm when we reaced the city, but the traffic was so bad!! almost forget to mention that, actually we used the highway ( Rp 5500) but we still stuck in traffic jam. but, i was really amazed by the tough and hardy indonesian. when i looked at them, i just thought wow, they do have business minds and they can do anything. without the determinations and strong body, who can stand the heat, air pollution?

busy preparing food beside a busy road. the weather is killing us, wondering how they can stand there whole day? by the way, is it hyegenic? and any customers buying from them?

selling wooden statue in a busy road. walking in between the busy road. umm.... it is not easy to earn a living here.

this is jakarta!!! only part of it. this is the ordinary jakarta. it does have the luxury side which is comparative to our KLCC.

traffic jam again.....

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