Wednesday, September 2, 2009

angel or devil?

who is she?

Name : Muffin a.k.a. naughty girl ( kuai kuai) / shui poh
D.O.B : year 2008 ( some day around Chinese New Year)
Birth place : somewhere in a garden of a house
BW : 1.8kg
Hobbies : eat ( she can eat anything. just put anything into the mouth), but at the same time, she can just choosy on her main course. rather starving, then eat other brand of dog biscuits. of coz, she is just like all others child in the world. never say 'no' to junk food.

another hobbies is barking. when you open the door, she barks. when you eat, she barks. when you walk around her, she barks. Muffin, shut up!!!

she loves exercise alot. run, and run whenever she got a chance. she can run faster than me.serious. although she is skinny, and with short legs, but she can run real fast, like a horse, should be like a wild horse.

she is quite smart, but stubborn. she knows simple commands and when we put up our hand, she will slowly sit down, and wait........ and wait......... for the reward. she is really adorable, other than the most important thing, which is hygiene. 'bomb' my house and 'flood' my floor whenever she likes. when will she learn to take care of her hygiene??!!!!!

little muffin.......... with innocent face.

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Xjion89 said...

i vote for half angel and half demon~~~