Saturday, January 31, 2009

jom... lets climb up to the mother temple of BALI

after our lunch, we headed to the biggest temple in Bali which is also known as the mother temple of Bali - the Besakih temple. the journey to the temple actually is quite long as the temple is located quite from other places. but, of course it has its own attractions- the unique architecture, the breathtaking view from the temple as this temple is situated high up the mountain which is over 900meters up to the slopes of Mt Agung as the highest volcano in Bali. Thats why there is a long way of walking uphill and many many staircases for us to walk before reaching the top of the temple. man...... it is tiring..

Bali really looks nice in the photo. standing at the top of the temple is really relaxing. as we can see that there were many villagers spending their time in the temple, chit-chatting, picnic... (umm... that was a thursday afternoon, dont they have to work??? )

if not due to that bad experience, i think we should can enjoy ourselves better. we were forced to give extra charges for the tour guide!!! actually, we have to pay for entrance fees for most of the temples Bali. for Besakih temple, the ticket is Rp 10,000. we should pay for that, no problem. we also have to pay for the entrance ticket for our driver which is Rp 5,000 . Fine, its ok.

BUT, at the entrance, there were many so-called 'tour guides' kept on sticking with us and told us that we were not allowed to enter the temple without them!!! but, i thought we already pay for the entrance fees??? they followed us all the journey up to top of the temple and we hold on with our principle and did not pay them.( anyway, that time, we were almost broke and no extra money to give them :[ ). well, many tourists were also annoyed by them. but, there were also tourists that pay for their services. but, is it necessary?? our driver asked us to pay them, but not too much. some people said that we shouldnt pay them as this will lead to laziness and there is no rules saying that we must pay them.

after a quick snap of photo, we continued with our journey and went see the famous painted ceiling at the Justice Hall in Klungkung.