Saturday, April 25, 2009

bangkok, here i come....

Victory monument

i thought that i am not going to be able to go to bangkok to attend a scientific congress due to the political unstable situation of bangkok for the pass few weeks. really worry when i saw all the news from bangkok. BANG + BOOM + FIGHT.... luckily, finally the situation is back to normal at the moment..... yeah.. and i can start packing my luggage and go overseas to attend my first international congress.

this is a very meaningful trip for me because:

  • first time to attend international congress
  • can learn some new info from the congress and at the same time can go shopping!!! yes!!! JJ market
  • can take a few days off from work and breath in the thai air
  • i'll go there by my own/ alone without frens with me.... ( wow.nervous.will i ended up in somewhere else? Paris? haha) challenging...
  • the trip is partially sponsored by my boss... thanks boss >_<

Friday, April 17, 2009

our dear friends...

my brother just downloaded a marvelous photo-editing program which really make my life much more easier. before this, if i wanted to edit any photo, i have to use photo shop or other programs which was really time consuming especially for me who is computer illiterate. but, now, with the right tool, everything is so easy.

hehe. these are some of my 'master piece'....

leopard cat- she is so cute with the innocent eyes, but the truth is........ she is with her wild instinct

a pair of rhino who were kept in the centre for breeding purpose but, i think they still dont have any offspring till now

sepilok orang utan reservation centre is really a good place to have a closer look on our wildlife friends. do visit them if you drop by sandakan.

Friday, April 10, 2009

sabah : my name is SUN BEAR!!!

i am using darlie toothpaste... hehe.. white and shining...

maybe we would wonder what are sun bears doing in the sepilok orang utan rehabilitation centre. well, although orang utans are the main spotlight in the centre, the centre also houses other wildlifes such as sun bears, rhino....

sun bear is the smallest member in the bear families. the most special features of sun bear is the yellow crescent mark on its chest and it looks like a rising sun. thats's where the sun bear get its name.

sitting in the cage. waiting for food... waiting for shower.... wait and wait...

i may look cute and friendly, but dont simply touch me because i am may 'hurt' you

Monday, April 6, 2009

no admittance!!!

the entrance of Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

some of my friends asked me that is all the tourists are allowed to hug the orangutan? well. the answer is nope. we were allowed to be in the wildlife clinic because we were volunteers. basically, tourists are not permitted in this area.

interested to know about the rehabilitation process? below are the information that i got from the brochure produced by wildlife department in year 1994 ( quite old already, maybe there are some changes?). first, all animals are given a health examination then followed by a quarantine period of 3-6 months. a series of medication exams will be done too.

after that, young orangutan (1-3 years old) will be in the nursery school to learn all the wildlife skills because captive orangutans that are deprived of their mothers are unable to find food, build nests or climb properly.
but, for those that are out from quarantine and ready for more challenging life, they will be sent to platform A ( outward bound school) where the food and emotional supports of the rehabilitation station is gradually reduced. they are given more freedom and learn to survive in the jungle.

if the orangutan has gradually adapted itself to the wildlife and shows signs of independence, it is gradually moved deeper into the forest and further away from the center and at the platform B. then, they eventually become a member of the sepilok's wild orangutan population.

then, mission accomplished. what a long process?!! that why actually wildlife department is doing a great job for our closest friend, the big apes.

enjoying themselves while waiting to be brought out to jalan jalan