Monday, April 6, 2009

no admittance!!!

the entrance of Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

some of my friends asked me that is all the tourists are allowed to hug the orangutan? well. the answer is nope. we were allowed to be in the wildlife clinic because we were volunteers. basically, tourists are not permitted in this area.

interested to know about the rehabilitation process? below are the information that i got from the brochure produced by wildlife department in year 1994 ( quite old already, maybe there are some changes?). first, all animals are given a health examination then followed by a quarantine period of 3-6 months. a series of medication exams will be done too.

after that, young orangutan (1-3 years old) will be in the nursery school to learn all the wildlife skills because captive orangutans that are deprived of their mothers are unable to find food, build nests or climb properly.
but, for those that are out from quarantine and ready for more challenging life, they will be sent to platform A ( outward bound school) where the food and emotional supports of the rehabilitation station is gradually reduced. they are given more freedom and learn to survive in the jungle.

if the orangutan has gradually adapted itself to the wildlife and shows signs of independence, it is gradually moved deeper into the forest and further away from the center and at the platform B. then, they eventually become a member of the sepilok's wild orangutan population.

then, mission accomplished. what a long process?!! that why actually wildlife department is doing a great job for our closest friend, the big apes.

enjoying themselves while waiting to be brought out to jalan jalan

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