Saturday, April 25, 2009

bangkok, here i come....

Victory monument

i thought that i am not going to be able to go to bangkok to attend a scientific congress due to the political unstable situation of bangkok for the pass few weeks. really worry when i saw all the news from bangkok. BANG + BOOM + FIGHT.... luckily, finally the situation is back to normal at the moment..... yeah.. and i can start packing my luggage and go overseas to attend my first international congress.

this is a very meaningful trip for me because:

  • first time to attend international congress
  • can learn some new info from the congress and at the same time can go shopping!!! yes!!! JJ market
  • can take a few days off from work and breath in the thai air
  • i'll go there by my own/ alone without frens with me.... ( wow.nervous.will i ended up in somewhere else? Paris? haha) challenging...
  • the trip is partially sponsored by my boss... thanks boss >_<

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