Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OMG!!! Im in Sydney...not yet.. still in Gold Coast

This pic is taken by me. Not downloaded. Here, come the proof.

Tata. Standing in front of the Sydney Opera House. It looked sunny, but it was cold and windy that day. (ps: Please ignore my auntie's jacket)

My favorite -The Habour Bridge

Do you know that MAS is the only airlines that provides direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydeny? Due to overwhelming response of this flight during mid of July, most of the airtickets were sold out and the only available are the expensive airtickets, which cost about RM5000 per ticket, it is not return ticket, only a ONE-WAY ticket.

Without choice, I had to look for alternatives flights to Sydney, and chose to fly to Gold Coast, then from there, fly to Sydney. Anyway, the tickets only cost me about RM1300. But, night flight is really tough and i couldnt sleep at all, sitting there from 10pm until the next day of 7am. So tiring.

Gold Coast Airport is rather ... simple and not gigantic as i thought it would. Only 1 straight corridor from front to end and that it is. shopping? it is only a small shopping area at the departure hall. food? only a few cafe and restaurants. i really cant believe it. Or i miss something there????

It was only 8.30am after i came out from the custom. My next flight was 1pm. OMG. I was too tired and no place to go, but to sit and try to take some sleep on that chair and at the same time, holding my luggages (total 3 of them).

My lunch - Hungry Jack for AUD 5. This dining area is awesome!!! sitting there, i can see the great view of mountains, planes and also......... handsome tall guys. haha

Staying in Gold Coast for only 6 hours, then i got on JetStar and flew to Sydney

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Koh Samui OR Bali?

It's amazing how much fun can be packed into just three days. But, if for comparison, i still prefer Bali. For me, Bali just have its magical touch, combined with shopping, great natural views and temples.

Anyway, here are some of the pics taken at the beach nearby my hotel.

Hardly anyone can miss this eye-catchy signboard at the middle of the beach. The cafe staffs are so creative.

One of the drink of my free buffet breakfast - smiley face latte. It was not only look 'sweet', but the taste was great too.

No coconut tree at the beach? No problem. Here you are. White coconut trees.

Can you imagine yourself lying there? It must be very .... relaxing.

After 3 days of enjoyment, it was time for us to say Goodbye and back to the 'warm tropical' airport. The airport looks great except... most people also feel very 'HOT'.

The custom dog strikes & refuses to walk due to the heat too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mu Koh Angthong Natinal Marine Park- GOOD!!!

4.Mu Koh Angthong Natinal Marine Park
it is an archipelago in the Gulf of Siam and consisting of 42 islands. i chose this tour because the the pic in the brochure really attracted me.

730am Pick up from hotel and go to jetty
800am Depart to Marine park. light breakfast is served.
10am arrive Wua Ta Lap Island. It is a big island where there are so many activities can be done there, eg: snorkeling, swimming, climb up to view point to see magnificent view, and if you want, you can even stay overnight there or you can just do nothing and sitting under coconuts and enjoy breezes (hot).

Facilities that available are : personal belongings taking care (FREE), nice toilet where you can shower after swimming or snorkeling ( very very important!!!), restaurant...

ps: For this tour, we only stopped at two islands, and only THIS island has all these facilities. The next island which is Mea Koh Island is not as developed as the previous island where there is no restaurant, but there has toilet, but the toilet is not allowed to shower. hence, if you swim or snorkeling there, you have to get wet all the way back to the land. this was what i did. Imagine, wet hair, water dripping, salty smell, sticky body... sitting in a ferry for almost 2 hours. This is the experience that i would NOT like to 'enjoy' again.

Moral of the story : Do more research before take a tour. It would be good if we go to Mae Koh Island , then only we go to Wu Ta Lap Island. Some of the tours provide this package. or at least, we were informed by tour guide first that we should swim/snorkeling in the first island because the second island doesnt have shower facilities. But, anyway, i really enjoy the trip and i can see the underwater world while snorkeling. fantastic experience and i began to understand why people would spend thousands just to dive into the sea. It is because it is really so........ Gorgeous and great experience.

If you are energetic, you MUST climb up a nature trail to see the impressive picturesque panorama of all the neighboring islands. There are total of 4 view platforms, and since im not energetic & adventurous, i only able to make it to the first view platform, because the way is very very steeply and i was wearing my slippers. According to peoples that managed to make it to the top, the view is really ....... breathtaking.

Picture take from the first view point. The beach is so beautiful.

Can you see that?! Crystal clear water. Gorgeous~~~

At about 12pm, we back to our ferry and enjoy Thai buffet lunch. Initially, looking at the food, it was really not appetizing. The Thai buffet was really simple - fried chicken, green curry and onion. but, to my surprise, actually the food was good, even better than my romantic seaside expensive dinner the night before.

After lunch, we dropped by the Mae Koh Island to see the gorgeous "Talay Nai' ( Lagoon). This is the reason i chose this tour. The emerald lagoon really attracts me.

Good things never come easily. Before i can see the lagoon with my own eyes, i had to climb up steep staircase, up & down, down & up. kind of scary too. Without a good & healthy body, can one come here?i wonder. better enjoy when you are young & at least keep yourself very fit & healthy, so that, you can see so many nice thing.

The water is really so green!!! looks like emerald. "Talay Nai" is a sink-hole lagoon 200m wide and 250 m long. It has emerald green water totally surronded by limestone bluffs, connected to the sea only by an underwater tunnel. It is presumed that it forms when land collapses into underground tunnels and cave systems.

It is very big and i cant believe that it is not sea, but lagoon. Someone told me that Lake Toba is even bigger than this. i wish i can go and have a look too.

There is a view point on top of the island. The view is very very nice too.

This was the ferry that took us for the trip - with food, drinks, toilet and wooden chairs. Can you see me snorkeling there? So nice!!! but too bad that my mum refused to join me because she doesnt want to get all the wet back to KOh Samui cos there is not showering facilities in this island.

whole day tour - 1700 baht per person ( include hotel pick-up, light breakfast, lunch, kayaking)

It is really a good experience!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Touring in Koh Samui

Before i went to Koh Samui, I really dont know what are the activities that can be done there except the Full Moon Party and water sports. But, when i reached there, as usual, i would visit the local tourist centre and find out more from them. To my surprise, actually there are so many activities that can be done there and how i wish that i can have stay a few more days. Some of the tours are :

Boat tour around Koh Samui ( but, it is only limit to certain days of the week)
9am pick up from hotel lobby ----> departure Big Buddha Beach ---> arrive on 'Green Peach Island' Snorkeling & Swimming---> have lunch at Koh Tan - sunbathing, relaxation and sightseeing ---> visit 'The Swallows Nest Island' ---> 4.30pm get back to Nathon Pier & transfer by bus back to hotel.

2. Namuang Safari Park
  • elephant trekking or cable ride
  • big buddha (15 meters tall)
  • Mummified monk
  • elephant show
  • monkey show
  • crocodile show
  • snake & scorpion show ( wondering what would scorpion performs??)
  • bird show
  • mini zoo
  • Namuang waterfall
------> seem very attractive and adventurous

3. Koh Nangyuan & Koh Tao
These wonderful islands are really breathtaking- white sand & blue sky. if i have extra time, i definitely will leave my footprints there.

activities includes : snorkeling, sightseeing. according to the brochure, dont miss View Point at Koh Nangyuan because the view are really spectacular. I am totally agree with them by looking at the pic. One of my friend took that tour, and she only gave me one response : Thumb up!!

4.Mu Koh Angthong Natinal Marine Park
it is an archipelago in the Gulf of Siam and consisting of 42 islands. i chose this tour because the the pic in the brochure really attracted me.

--- To be continued---

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

where can i get good food in Koh Samui?

This is the our first lunch in Koh Samui. Ninja Crepes was recommended by our hotel's staff and it is on a few blocks away from Chaba Samui Resort. Noodle, Omelette Fried Rice, 2 fruit juice. Our lunch costed us 180Baht. i think the price was reasonable since we were in a middle of the tourist centre.

For dinner, we chose to have it on the beach with candle lights.... sounded so romantic. well. sounded only. because the drinks were not really our cup of 'tea'. the mint banana cocktail tasted like ..... cockroach smell. OHM~~~

The fish with tomato paste and the local fried rice were really ........ not tasty. My mum is a better cook than them.

anyway, we got to pay a really big damage for the dinner - 1000 baht.

We dont really where to have good food, so, we just trust our instinct and walked into any restaurant that look 'good'.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chaba Samui Resort of Koh Samui

Standing outside Chaba Samui Resort- the place where we were going to spend our 2-day-3-nights stay in Koh Samui. Grand or luxurious are not the description for him. but, it is rather laid back and looks..... comfortable & friendly. It claims to be a 4-star hotel, located in the centre of Chaweng Beach. It is the busier road in Koh Samui. Great location where food & shopping are just of walking distance.

Entrance of Lake wing
Chaba Samui is divided to 2 blocks by Chaweng Road into Lake wing & Ocean wing. My room was at the lake wing, honestly, i cant really appreciate the lake. Anyway, for the ocean wing, i really doubt whether one can see any beach from their room. But, i would say the room was certainly clean & neat & the staffs are really friendly too. For more information of the resort, please go to :

The entrance of Ocean wing room.

A rather small but well-designed swimming pool. Mostly, i saw lots of elephant statues for most of the hotels, but it is good to see that this pool has a few dolphins. cute..

A rather quiet cafe of the resort- great place for someone that wish to have a peaceful afternoon.

Once open our room, we were welcomed by two elephants, to be more precise, towel elephants. what a pleasant surprise and i really like it. but, for people that dont know how to appreciate them, would just say that it is waste of energy to fold them like that, and put flowers on them and worry that it may be unhygienic to use those towels.

A closer look of the elephant. It even has eyes!!! so sweet

A special complement of the hotel- 2 mandarin oranges & bananas. it is nicely decorated too :)

RM599 for a nice room for 2 nights ( with breakfast), airport pickup and also the airticket----- i would say it is a good deal!!!