Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cari makan in Ipoh - Delicious Ipoh food

Ipoh is famous for 3 things :
1. Beautiful hills ( Ipoh is also known as hill city)
2. Pretty girls ( Leng lui)
3. and yummy food

When I was still a student, my friends and I used to like to yumcha in a hawker centre ( or more precisely - a row of hawker stalls on a road) - the Tongshui Gai ( Dessert Street).

As usual, it is crowded with people and so happening. Lots of food, dessert.... mouth-watering.

wow~ mixed fruit Ice - lots of fruit ( grape, dragon fruit, watermelon...) RM4.50

Rojak - not too bad, but the portion is rather small RM 5

Where is it? It is just in front of the Sam Tet Primary School.