Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chaba Samui Resort of Koh Samui

Standing outside Chaba Samui Resort- the place where we were going to spend our 2-day-3-nights stay in Koh Samui. Grand or luxurious are not the description for him. but, it is rather laid back and looks..... comfortable & friendly. It claims to be a 4-star hotel, located in the centre of Chaweng Beach. It is the busier road in Koh Samui. Great location where food & shopping are just of walking distance.

Entrance of Lake wing
Chaba Samui is divided to 2 blocks by Chaweng Road into Lake wing & Ocean wing. My room was at the lake wing, honestly, i cant really appreciate the lake. Anyway, for the ocean wing, i really doubt whether one can see any beach from their room. But, i would say the room was certainly clean & neat & the staffs are really friendly too. For more information of the resort, please go to :

The entrance of Ocean wing room.

A rather small but well-designed swimming pool. Mostly, i saw lots of elephant statues for most of the hotels, but it is good to see that this pool has a few dolphins. cute..

A rather quiet cafe of the resort- great place for someone that wish to have a peaceful afternoon.

Once open our room, we were welcomed by two elephants, to be more precise, towel elephants. what a pleasant surprise and i really like it. but, for people that dont know how to appreciate them, would just say that it is waste of energy to fold them like that, and put flowers on them and worry that it may be unhygienic to use those towels.

A closer look of the elephant. It even has eyes!!! so sweet

A special complement of the hotel- 2 mandarin oranges & bananas. it is nicely decorated too :)

RM599 for a nice room for 2 nights ( with breakfast), airport pickup and also the airticket----- i would say it is a good deal!!!


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Marchial Bandson said...

I love Thai food and koh samui is my favorite holiday destination. Every year I use to book villas for me and my family.