Monday, June 14, 2010

Koh Samui Airport is truly a tropical airport

The airport is really awesome!!! full of greens. Koh Samui welcomes us with their tropical airport.

I have been to many airports, but Koh Samui Airport really impressed me. It is not a huge gigantic building, but it is really show its identity- island. All the buildings are single-storey & i would say that it is really environmental friendly ( too much??- i think) where most of the halls are without air-conditioners. HOT! HOT! and really HOT.

but, we managed to get a very cooling area in the airport .... so comfortable standing inside. umm.. if i worked there, i think most probably i will spend most of my time there. but, it is not a pleasant place to stay too long because it is the TOILET!!!

But, i really have to give credits to the design of the toilets. really great, comfortable and cooling. this is the first toilet that i would actually want to stay inside and do my 'business' slowly and leisurely.

another surprise to me is : although the landing area of plane is far away from the hall, passengers dont have to walk under the hot sun or rain because there are lots of shuttle buses waiting there to fetch us to the hall. unlike in our local budget airports, we have to 'exercise'.

anyway, i really pity all the staffs in airport because they have to work under the hot weather all days. one of the staffs kept on fanning herself and the make-up seem like going to melt.

After settle everything in airport, we headed to our resort with the handsome driver from Chaba Samui Resort.

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