Thursday, July 15, 2010

Touring in Koh Samui

Before i went to Koh Samui, I really dont know what are the activities that can be done there except the Full Moon Party and water sports. But, when i reached there, as usual, i would visit the local tourist centre and find out more from them. To my surprise, actually there are so many activities that can be done there and how i wish that i can have stay a few more days. Some of the tours are :

Boat tour around Koh Samui ( but, it is only limit to certain days of the week)
9am pick up from hotel lobby ----> departure Big Buddha Beach ---> arrive on 'Green Peach Island' Snorkeling & Swimming---> have lunch at Koh Tan - sunbathing, relaxation and sightseeing ---> visit 'The Swallows Nest Island' ---> 4.30pm get back to Nathon Pier & transfer by bus back to hotel.

2. Namuang Safari Park
  • elephant trekking or cable ride
  • big buddha (15 meters tall)
  • Mummified monk
  • elephant show
  • monkey show
  • crocodile show
  • snake & scorpion show ( wondering what would scorpion performs??)
  • bird show
  • mini zoo
  • Namuang waterfall
------> seem very attractive and adventurous

3. Koh Nangyuan & Koh Tao
These wonderful islands are really breathtaking- white sand & blue sky. if i have extra time, i definitely will leave my footprints there.

activities includes : snorkeling, sightseeing. according to the brochure, dont miss View Point at Koh Nangyuan because the view are really spectacular. I am totally agree with them by looking at the pic. One of my friend took that tour, and she only gave me one response : Thumb up!!

4.Mu Koh Angthong Natinal Marine Park
it is an archipelago in the Gulf of Siam and consisting of 42 islands. i chose this tour because the the pic in the brochure really attracted me.

--- To be continued---

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