Tuesday, July 13, 2010

where can i get good food in Koh Samui?

This is the our first lunch in Koh Samui. Ninja Crepes was recommended by our hotel's staff and it is on a few blocks away from Chaba Samui Resort. Noodle, Omelette Fried Rice, 2 fruit juice. Our lunch costed us 180Baht. i think the price was reasonable since we were in a middle of the tourist centre.

For dinner, we chose to have it on the beach with candle lights.... sounded so romantic. well. sounded only. because the drinks were not really our cup of 'tea'. the mint banana cocktail tasted like ..... cockroach smell. OHM~~~

The fish with tomato paste and the local fried rice were really ........ not tasty. My mum is a better cook than them.

anyway, we got to pay a really big damage for the dinner - 1000 baht.

We dont really where to have good food, so, we just trust our instinct and walked into any restaurant that look 'good'.


Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

The environment does look good. But drink that smell like cockroach? Eewww :S

seen said...

really disgusting!!!