Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OMG!!! Im in Sydney...not yet.. still in Gold Coast

This pic is taken by me. Not downloaded. Here, come the proof.

Tata. Standing in front of the Sydney Opera House. It looked sunny, but it was cold and windy that day. (ps: Please ignore my auntie's jacket)

My favorite -The Habour Bridge

Do you know that MAS is the only airlines that provides direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydeny? Due to overwhelming response of this flight during mid of July, most of the airtickets were sold out and the only available are the expensive airtickets, which cost about RM5000 per ticket, it is not return ticket, only a ONE-WAY ticket.

Without choice, I had to look for alternatives flights to Sydney, and chose to fly to Gold Coast, then from there, fly to Sydney. Anyway, the tickets only cost me about RM1300. But, night flight is really tough and i couldnt sleep at all, sitting there from 10pm until the next day of 7am. So tiring.

Gold Coast Airport is rather ... simple and not gigantic as i thought it would. Only 1 straight corridor from front to end and that it is. shopping? it is only a small shopping area at the departure hall. food? only a few cafe and restaurants. i really cant believe it. Or i miss something there????

It was only 8.30am after i came out from the custom. My next flight was 1pm. OMG. I was too tired and no place to go, but to sit and try to take some sleep on that chair and at the same time, holding my luggages (total 3 of them).

My lunch - Hungry Jack for AUD 5. This dining area is awesome!!! sitting there, i can see the great view of mountains, planes and also......... handsome tall guys. haha

Staying in Gold Coast for only 6 hours, then i got on JetStar and flew to Sydney


Xjion89 said...

wow! such a nice view at Sydney Opera house!

seen said...

It is definitely a great place!!!
But, the living standard is very 'great' too... high taxes, expensive houses...

Mandarin Centre said...

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