Thursday, December 23, 2010

University of Sydney- oPen Day

University of Sydney- one of the best Uni in Australia and everyone is dying & fighting to get into was having an open day. It was a big event of the year and full with students, families, and visitors (sticky beak- and i am one of them).

It is huge, with big, sophisticated-looking building and also..

rather old-styled building.... ( crowded with visitors as they were busy gather information regarding the courses that they are interested to)

wow~~~ it is soOOOooooo........ ancient & magnificent

Open day would attract a good crowd of people and people = blood and it is wise that red cross australia had a blood donation campaign there. For more info, please visit

balloons, freebies, information booths, some other activities ( solar viewing using a special stethoscope and good explanation by professional) .... it is indeed a interesting day

beside open day of University of Sydney, Faculty of Veterinary Science also organised their Pet fun day which is really enjoyable.

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