Monday, August 23, 2010

My temporary 'HOME' in Australia

We are so fortunate that we have a place to stay. Nope. It is not FOC, but we have to pay rental and it is not cheap. ONLY AUD 480 for a house. ( But, our friend rents out a room for us).

In Malaysia, we would ask how much is your rental per MONTH? but, in Australia, the rental is paid per WEEK. So, i think you can image that it is not cheap. But, it is a nice house and with good location. The only negative thing is the "hyperactive" neighbour that love to play musics and listening to song with its highest volume. ( They are doing it now) HOpefully one day, they would change that. pray for me ya... :)

here, please have a look at the house.

Welcome to my house. Oops. Wrong pic. This is one of my dream houses.

Here you are. My house is the single-storey red brick house at the back. Here, it is very common to see a house that is built behind another house, such as my house. It is because before this, the land of my house ( not really my house, but the place where i stay) belonged to the same owner of the white house in the front. Australian houses are usually with big elongated land, where at the front, they built a house, and they reserve a big land for their backyard. They built another house at the backyard and sell it.

A closer look of the house

The porch?

a decent kitchen with white-theme cabinet

Dining area


we have bath tub

Living room

We have orange tree!!! Have you seen orange on orange tree before?? That was my first time.

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