Thursday, August 26, 2010

Australia Election --->> Hung Parliament?

21 August 2010 was a special day for Australians. It is Australia election day and the first Australian Election that i had seen. The way the political parties run their campaign are differ from in Malaysia. If it is in Malaysia, we can see most of the streets would be nicely decorated with posters and flags. In Australia, posters can only be seen at election centres and only a handful of them. Australia is really an open country and they can openly 'discuss' about another party in television commercial.

Julia Owens from Labour Party with the slogan of working for you

The first female Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard with her slogan of Let's move Australia Forward

Charles Camenzuli from the Liberal Party and below him is Tony Abbot, the head of Liberal Party. As you can see, really not many poster were displayed there.

Candidate from Green Party

voters were queuing up. No flags. NO posters. i think it is kind of boring compared to Malaysia's election.

Crowds of people were queuing up too

Me and Tony Abbot. His poster is really nice, so, i took a pic with him. NO other intention.

What would be the future of Australia after the election?
Australia is going to form a first Hung Parliament. Hung parliament occurs when neither major political party ( Liberal and Labour) has an absolute majority of seats in the parliament. Both of the party leaders are busy negotiating with the independent in order to gain their supports. or, re-election??

No matter what is going to happen, hope that everything would be great for the future of Australia!!!
cheers :)

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