Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is this?? Ha~~~ must try to do it yourself

What is this??? Any ideas?? Fan?

Don't know? Another view of it. ps: it is on a dining table

The answer is... Spring Roll Rice Paper. Consumable paper.
Method to turn this hard paper-like spring roll paper into gentle soft yummy spring roll skin is: Soak the 'paper' in a warm water for about 30secs. pretty easy.

Ingredients of the spring roll: bean sprouts, cabbage, basil ........

and special vietnamese noodle

The tricky part is to wrap all the ingredients into the spring roll paper. The skin is so thin, and easily 'torn' or the spring roll may end up... instead of roll, it becomes pillow-shape or some other rather creative shapes.

This is a rather 'simple' dish that i think we can learn to make. believe if or not, we dont have to always buy the food, but we can do it ourselves. ( provided that we can get those ingredients in Malaysia..... never really pay any attentions to that. do we know that?)


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Xjion89 said...

wow, DIY food impressive~~
but, duno who is cleaning up the dishes~