Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Floriade of Canberra- Imagination...

Floriade is back!!!

I think Canberra is really a special and unique city. Why? Because basically it is not really special or as beautiful as Sydney or Melbourne, but it is the capital city of Australia!!! There are many ways to go to Canberra, either drive or by flight. By car, it is not too far, only 3-4 hours drive with the maximum speed of 110km/hour. Speeding?? Better dont do it in Australia because traffic police are very hardworking and more than happy to fine you. They are everywhere and anytime ( This is the slogan of the anti-speeding campaign). Not only police, but also cameras that are watching you 24/7. ok. back to Canberra. The road trip was quite interesting. mountains, forest.... serenity & peaceful.

The biggest event in Canberra- Floriade with the exciting theme of Imagination : Where will yours take you? Wow. In year 2010, it is in its 23rd year and the event has grown to become Australia's premier spring festival.

The Floriade garden bed designs have been inspired by the imagination. Above is the garden bed with the title of Dancing ballerinas. But, anyway, we cant really appreciate unless we stand on a higher ground, such as on the ferris wheel.

It was really an enjoyable time. Great view and flowers for my eyes. The flowers really smell good and relaxing. Not to forget about birds chirping and the musics played by a street organ.

This is not a display board, but it is a organ which plays really great music!!!


All kinds of tulips

Tulips & tulips again .... really made me fallen in love with tulips

Floriade is only about Flowers, but also with green- the bonsai.

No matter you are flower lovers or not, you should really must come and see this festival yourself, because it is really gorgeous and 'wow'. The weather was very nice that day with around 17 C, so it was so comfortable walking around the park, unlike in Malaysia that we would be exhausted or sweat as if showering.

Venue : Commonwealth Park, Canberra
Period : 11 September - 10 October 2010
Time : 9am -5pm ( weekdays)
9am-5.30pm (weekends & public holidays)

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