Sunday, October 3, 2010

Visit Canberra

Perhaps a lot of people would think that the capital city of Australia is Sydney or Melbourne. I think Canberra is a very low profile, simple and humble city which is obviously overshadowed by Opera House of Sydney or The Great Ocean Road of Melbourne.

Why Canberra??
Well. These is a story behind that. In 1901, when the British colonies in Australia federated to form the Commonwealth of Australia, Melbourne and Sydney were the two largest cities in the country, but the long history of rivalry between them meant that neither of them could become the national capital. Section 125 of Constitution of Australia therefore provided that : The seat of Government of the Commonwealth shall be determined by the Parliament, and shall be within territory which shall have been granted to or acquired by Commonwealth, and shall be vested in and belong to the Commonwealth, and shall be in the State of New South Wales, and be distant not less than one hundred miles from Sydney. After a long long discussion and 'argument', the Parliament decided that the new capital would be in the southern part of New South Wales, on the site which is now Canberra in year 1909.

Canberra is surrounded by mountains and river. Lots of green. Fresh air and cooler air and something even freezing air. The temperature is usually lower than Sydney.

Canberra at 360 degree from Mountain Ainslie.
yup. This is Canberra.

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