Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visit Canberra- What to see? Parliament House

Visiting Parliament House? Is it boring? Well. One should never give it a miss. Why? Australia spent over AUD 1.1 billion for the construction and it was the most expensive building in the Southern Hemisphere at the time of construction. Got to go and look why is it so expensive!!!

It has a giant spire with a super large Australia flag on top of the main building. It is so huge and basically, we can see it from anywhere of Canberra

Can you see it? Actually, the ground level of the building illustrate of boomerang shaped design. besides that, there are a big flat nice grass on the rooftop. Visitors are allowed to go to the rooftop to take picture and see gorgeous view from there too.

That is it. (From outside)

The Parliament House is very huge. This is the entrance.

There is a small gallery of pictures of the former Prime Minister of Australia. Obviously, she is not the PM, who is she?? Queen.

National Parliament House
Time : 9am to 5pm
Admission : Free

Malaysia Embassy. Since we were in Canberra, we should visit all the embassies, to look at their architecture.

Indonesian Embassy- Balinese style.

Black Mountain Tower ( Previously known as Telstra Tower or Telecom Tower) -is situated above the summit of Black Mountain. It is not only a telecommunication tower, but also a landmark of Canberra, Great tourist spot where tourist can witness the panoramic view of the city from the indoor & outdoor observation deck, and it also has a restaurant. ( sound familiar... KL Tower)


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