Sunday, October 18, 2009

wow~ surrounded by flowers in Canberra, Australia

Australia~ when i think of 'Australia', i will automatically imagine of Opera House & Harbour Bridge of Sydney, the beaches of Gold Coast, the Melbourne... but the capital of Australia- the Canberra had never been in my mind. but, from today onwards, i will always remember it as the beautiful city of flowers. whenever i see flowers, i will think of Canberra.

every year, a lot of people are waiting for the right time to go to Canberra, to see, to smell, to experience the beauty of Canberra. This year, Floriade is on from 12 Sept to 11 Oct 2009, at the Commonwealth Park of Canberra.

Floriade is the biggest flower festival in Australia. can you imagine yourself being surrounded by flowers? everything is so serene, peaceful...

the flowers ( tulips) are so gorgeous. we should go there and see it by our own eyes.

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