Saturday, October 24, 2009

amazing canberra...

the floriade was really amazing. besides flowers, there are lots of other attraction. imagine sitting in the Marry-go-round and seeing all the flowers under your legs. not to forget the cooling air blowing softly onto your face... such a day!!!
Lake Burley Griffin of canberra. so relaxing and everything was seem so nice if you look at this pic, but the fact is....... it was so cool, not only cool, but actually freezing!!! almost zero degree. but, it is really worthy to be able to stand and witness the view. dont think we would have a chance to see that in malaysia. by the way, Lake Burley Griffin actually is an artificial lake.

birds.... it was so cold, and all the birds were resting at home. so, a few bird statues are hired to do 'part time' just to make sure the lake is not lonely.

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