Sunday, August 17, 2008

my 2nd day in Bali....

29th July 2008 (Day 2- part 1)

Today, we decided to take a guided-tour to see local villages, experience traditional dances and enjoy stunning views of lush tropical vegetation, picturesque terraced rice boxes and the spectacular lake and volcano of Kintamani. The package includes air-conditioned transports (every travel agent also stressed on this point, but i wonder are there transport without air-con in long distance journey ?? if like that, every passenger may swim in their sweat ), mineral water, free of sarongs when entering temple ( but actually it is included in the entrance fees ), and temple entrance fees .

Package : Rp 230,000 per person
Duration : 8.30 am to 6 pm

Our day started with a visit to Batubulan village to see the famous Barong Dance and kris dance, a story telling dance, narrating the fight between good and evil. A Barong ( mythological animal) represents good spirit and Rangda ( mythological monster ) is evil. Sound familiar? Yup. The characters are similar to Kecak dance, but of course it is with different storyline. Personally, i prefer Kecak dance than Barong dance. ( But , my favourite is..... Lenggong Dance). It is because the synopsis given was not clear, and both of us can not pick up with the drama, just look at each other and wondering what were them doing. Not to forget that, it is 18 SG. Quite violent. Fighting, and stabbing each others. I’ll show a video clip later.

this is the stage of Barong dance. on the right, is where music are played by local folks.

Ticket : Rp 50,000
Time : 9am or 9.30pm ( not sure.sorry ) to about 10.30 am

After that, we continued our trip with our tripmates, 2 South African to Tohpati which is the centre of Balinese hand weaving, Celuk where it is famous for gold and silver smith and Mas the centre of wooden sculpture. well. that was educational + shopping time. it is because at these places, they will show us how do to make the product and then we can pick up our favourite souvenirs.

At 1.30pm, we were on our way to see volcano!!! I had never seen a volcano before!!! .....

To be continued ..... (*_*)

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