Thursday, August 21, 2008

wow... it is soOooooooo wonderful!!!BALI...

29th July 2008 ( my 2nd day in Bali- part 2)

Finally, we were here!!!

We finally saw Mt Batur. I just cant describe my feeling at that time. I can just say, “wow “ .it looks gigantic, so marvellous and soOooooo ... it looks like it can accept anything. You should look at it yourself! Mt batur is 1,717 meter / 5,633 feet above sea level. Actually, it is lower than our Mt Kinabalu that is 4,095meter (13,435 feet). But, it looks so GIGANTIC compared to Mt Kinabalu. I think maybe it is because we looked it at a shorter distance.

Mt Batur is still an ACTIVE volcano and it last erupted in year 1994. Our tour guide told us about that when we were mesmerizing the view. What a shocking news?!Is it safe!!?? Well. To be frank, i am not that type of people that would take up the challenge of “Fear Factor”. When i think of parachuting, or swimming in deep blue sea, they really crept me up. Visiting active volcano is another fear factor for me, but i would say that Mt Batur really worths it! Hehe. I was slightly exaggerating here. Anyway, we were only overseeing Mt Batur from far, really quite far, from Kintamani.

We were supposed to have our buffet lunch in one of the restaurants overlooking at the great view. But, due to financial constraint, four of us decided to try other local food in a small restaurant. Hence, No great view while enjoying food and No unlimited food (for me, the buffet food looked very simple and don’t really attract me), but we can save Rp 60,000. Instead of high class restaurant, we had our lunch in a simple-looking restaurant that faces the main road instead of Mt Batur, but the food was nice. I had a noodle soup at only Rp 10,000. My friend ordered fabulous fried rice at Rp 25,000. As usual, what do we expect from tourist centre? The food is usually 2X or 3X more expensive than other places.

Ps: please bring your own mineral water because mineral water there is very expensive too. 1.5 liter mineral water costs about Rp 5,000 or 15,000 ???( sorry, forget already) while we can get it at Rp 2,500 at some of the convenient shop in town.

On our way back, we visited an orchard farm. What is so special about this farm is all visitors have a chance to taste their drinks in their comfortable and relaxing garden. All the staffs were extremely friendly and kept on offering us to taste their product such as ginger coffee, chocolate, and others. As usual, after the free testing, we were welcomed to visit their sale department.


This was our second day in Bali and we decided to stay overnight in Ubud. The bad news was we dint book any rooms. Good news was we going to have an exciting evening, walking to look for a room again. Full of excitement and surprises but tiring...... too !! ^_^

we were standing in Kintamani, overlooking the breathtaking Mt batur. beside it, it is the Lake Batur. a very big lake and it looks like sea

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