Thursday, August 28, 2008

pic: walking around Ubud.... so relaxing...

when we walked around Ubud city, i'm wondering am i spending time in Europe?! Really. because most of the building are so fasionable, moden, stylish. see it by yourself,ok? (^-^)

Majority of the building are single-storey and rarely we can see tall building, not even double-storey. According to our tour guide, they believe that God is from the sky and no way human can stand higher than god. that's why most ( almost all) the building are single-storey and well-decorated.

i like this very much. simple but nice

balinese traditional building can be seen anyway

image spending a night in this cottage, wouldnt it be a special experience? there are a lots of homestay or cottage in Ubud

English style coffee shop. many tourist likes to hang out here.

balinese temple

if we had the time, we really wish to spend more time in UBUD (@_@)


Xjion89 said...

really love the architecture there(^^)

seen said...

yup... i like them very much. should tk more pics..

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