Wednesday, August 27, 2008

legong dance... the dance of angels

Wayan Family homestay in Hanoman street is our pick in Ubud. The room is Rp 100,000 per night with breakfast. How much you pay is how much you get, so we also don’t expect too much from the homestay. But, the room is still ok and the owner was very friendly and helpful. They even sent us by motorbike to the central market.

Ps: Accommodation at this area is cheaper compared to the main road.

After we settle our accommodation, it was already 6.30 pm. The main agenda of that night was to enjoy the famous traditional dance in Ubud, the legong and barong dance. After a quick shower, two of us were already on motorbike going to Ubud Palace. Without having the time to grab ourselves any food for dinner, we already in the rather simple-looking theater.

Legong and barong dance
Tickets : Rp 80,000
Time : 7.30 pm – 9 pm

The Balinese dancers are very good and we really had an enjoyable time. In Bali, we had watched 3 dances which were Kecak dance, Barong dance and legong dance. Both of us also agreed strongly that this is the best show. The dancers both guys and ladies were skilful. The synopsis given is clear and we can follow the storyline. Legong dance is about pretty angels that help to settle a war by using their beauty.

she is one of the angels. after watching their performance, i think it is not everyone also can dance like that. if not, try out yourself..

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