Saturday, August 16, 2008

wanna see kecak dance?

kecak dance is a balinese musical drama which is primarily performed by half-naked man ( No la. They wear sarungs). It is based on hindu ramayana and it includes a dance to be more interesting. it is all about the battle between Ramayana and the evil king Rhawana. It is the battle between the good and evil. From balinese people, i learnt that for them, everything should stay in equilibrium and should be fair and balance. For example , they will pray everyday. They not only worship the god, they also do not forget the spirit. According to our tour guide, by doing so, spirits would be happy and will not disturb others. for me, this is an interesting theory because for us, we usually worship god & our ancestor and maybe sometimes spirit on the roadside. but, in Bali, they do it everyday, a fews times a day. that's why we can see small banana leaves baskets with flowers or sweet or......... on the roadside, outside our room... or just anyway

this is to worship the god. Thats why it is high up from the ground.

For worshiping spirits. aware and not to step on it ^_^

ok. back to kecak dance. want to see it by yourself? this is the opening of the dance. then, it was followed by balinese dance and drama. by reading the synopsis of performance provided, we can understand the performance. without that, we really cant really appreciate the dance because they dont talk, they only dance and there are many characters in the performance such as Rama, Sita ( Rama's wife), white monkey, red monkey, barong, many bad guys...

this is the opening of kecak dance. these guys will cak cak cak for dont know how many minutes. only after that, come to the exciting part of the performance. can you see it? full house. wanna watch more? then, buy yourself a ticket to the performance ^_^

Sita ( the beautiful laday) saw a golden deer dancing in front of her and plead her husband, Rama to catch it for her.

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