Thursday, March 18, 2010

we were not in the hotel every night... we were in night bazaar

Though Shangri-La Hotel is marvelous, but we did not really have time to enjoy their great facilities. We spent most of the time in the meeting room, from after my breakfast in the hotel, until around 6 pm.

Hehe... what did we do after that? our free time. We will go for somewhere that is really... a heaven. Shopping heaven.

By the way, the location of Shangri-la Hotel is considered to be good. walking distance to the night bazaar. Dont have to worry of hunger or no place to shop. You need anything, just take your walet and then walk.

Shangri-la is located at Chang Klan Road. but, there are other hotels that are nearer to the night market, such as Le Meridien. the night market just down the street. very very convenient, definitely great for shopaholic like me..

The night market is very very big. It includes stalls besides the roads, shops, open market. It has everything that you can think of. There, we can see lots of tourist. It is a heaven for tourist. They have great food with reasonable price, shopping, massage....

i wonder why we dont have such place in Malaysia.

Beautiful wood carving.... why i didnt buy any of you??? My friends bought a lot of wood carving with very good price.

colourful paper light

Women in their traditional costumes can be seen in the market- selling their handicraft.
cant be seen anyway else other than Chiang Mai.

When i walked pass this stall, i smell something sweet and special. real flower? nope. actually these flowers made from soup. They really look like real flower. That guy was doing flower carving next to his stall.

wow.. elephants again. all handmade. i cant take my eyes off them.

Traditional mini begs, with all kinds of designs. it is my heaven here cos i am a big fan of traditional handicraft.

lovely key chains... the little furry balls are so adorable.
3 for 50 baht

Wooden key chain and book mark
1 for 10 baht
buy 5 , free 1. but the quality is.... so so only

This is definitely the best souvenir that i bought. i love it so much. the pattern is nice, and the handwork is good. although there are so other similar begs with much cheaper price, but i still chose this beg, i think it worth it.
350 baht

another colourful pouch that i bought. the pattern is different from the earlier. because they come from different tribes. each tribe with their own patterns, colours and personality.
80 baht

A traditional dress for my niece
120 baht

basically, there are two night bazaar in ChiangMai city. one is near to my hotel which opens daily and more cater to tourist. another one is open during weekends, and it more suit to local people. price? according to the hotel attendant, he said the price in the local bazaar is cheaper, but i think it is similar. well. i think it depens of how good can we bargain.

but, i would say Thailand is a shopping heaven!!!

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