Monday, March 8, 2010

i stay in Shangri-La Chiang Mai !!!

Wow~ Shangri-La is really ' shangri-la' . It looks huge and i feel really 'peaceful' standing outside. Elephants could be seen everywhere, including here. 4 huge and gorgeous elephants!!!

Smiley elephant standing in front of the hotel welcoming all the guests 24/7 and all year round. so cute!!!

The receptiont corner
the theme colour of the hotel is gold and metal. The sophisicated designs are really impressive.

golden peacock!!! wondering how much doest it cost?!

A very quiet swimming pool. very relaxing landscaping. Elephants are guarding the swimming pool.

3 cute white elephants are playing water with their short little trunks

The back view of Shangri-La hotel. sitting there was reallly relaxing

This external view of my room. Every corner of this hotel is tastefully designed.

Can you see it? I can see my bed from the washroom.... through the glass. one can watch tv while resting in the bath tub. Privacy... no problem, just close the sliding door.

All are mine..

A spacious room. everything is fine... except this room has lots of mirrors. washroom full with mirrors. entrance with mirrors. behind the bed with mirrors. kind of scary for me.

The room rate is about 3300 baht per night, including breakfast.

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