Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elephants are even more obedient than my dog!!!

We joined another tour. really had a good time and enjoyed myself on that day. I had lots of 'first time' in that one day. It was a sunny day, and we headed to Mae Taeng Elephant Park. We reached there about 9am, but we were sent for elephant ride.

That was my first time to be surrounded by so many elephants. They are certainly very adorable especially baby elephants. But, i wondered what if and what if these elephants went mad and lost control, then what will happen to me or us?? Obviously, i think too much.

This is the first elephant that i was in Mae Taeng Elephant Park. It was so clean and CUTE.

2 person per elephant and the trainer would sit in front to take control of the elephants. It was adventurous and scary. Sitting up there was really not a smooth ride, especially going up and down the hills. sometimes, it would depend on lucks too. if the elephant decides to go on a strike or run or play with water, then sorry. by the way, before we went there, we were worry that we may have to sit on top of the elephants and it may be not comfortable. Actually, we sat on a cushion seat with safety bar around it, to protect us from falling down.

While we were going on tour on elephants, up and down the hill, cross river and up to jungle, this small elephants also followed us. Beside he/she, there are some other young elephants followed their adult. Perhaps it was a pre-training for them before these babies get on to their work when they grow up.

along the river, there are resorts. It looked so serene there,only if you hold your breath. Because it was so smelly. due to our dear friends, elephants. well, elephants are big, they eat a lot , so they shit a lot too. they would shit anyway, on the ground, or while walking crossing the river.

After elephant ride, we were sent back to the main building by ox cart.

interested to buy some traditional souvenirs?

There are 2 elephant shows per day. if i am not mistaken, the shows are on 10 and 11 am daily. It is a MUST see event of the day. These elephants are well-trained and basically, they can do anything. Play basketball, dancing, and even DRAWING. seriously, i really have no idea how to they train these elephants. Elephants are so huge and strong, how to make them to listen to the trainer? well, honestly, when i looked at them, i cant help but think of my lovely dog, Muffin who misbehave and refuse to listen to commands. These elephants are more obedient than my dog. sigh~~~

Each of the elephants has their own names. In the picture is the artist- SUDA. She can draw. Cant believe that? i have proof.

She drew this picture- a small elephant. Haha. An elephant drew a picture of an elephant. Still refuse to believe that? No problem.

Suda was holding a brush and drawing herself flower. She is such a genius. Actually, there was two elephant drawing there at the same time, but everyone only focus on Suda, because she can draw very well and fast too. Another bigger elephant took a long time to draw, and the elephant that drew by it was..... so artistic and can only be memorized by certain people.

Gorgeous elephant. So handsome. i meant the elephant.

Handsome elephant showing off his white big tusk

After the show, all the elephants stood beside the bar for 3 reasons: saying goodbye, photo section and money taking time by using their trunk.

Gallergy sells paintings. All painted by elephants , mainly by the genius SUDA.

Bamboo rafting- this was how we got to the downstream.
A very unusual experience. But, it took us hours to reach our destination and it was a hot day. Basically, most of us just wondered why cant the raft goes faster or why not just shorthen the journey. Anyway, we also had some interesting experience there. Thirsty? Dont worrry. There was a mobile boat there and he sold all kind of drinks, eg: coconut, soft drinks...

Mae Taeng Elephant Park is definately a great place and i would go there again!!!

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