Friday, March 5, 2010

Old Chiang Mai City

According to the tour guide, Chiang Mai has a very long history. OLD Chiang Mai is even older than it. When we first saw these buildings, we were astonished by their architecture.

This shining golden temple reminds me of the Bangkok's Grand Palace. Smaller in size, but it is certainly attractive in its own way.

This Buddhist 's style temple looks old but for me, it looks very peaceful. Thanks to all the little Buddhas of the temple. This is my first time to see something like this.

Amitabha. wish that everything would be fine and .... GOOD. Happy Year 2010

There are 4 'guard animal' at the 4 corners of the temple. Friendly is not their principal. They just really serve their purpose. GUARDing the temple.

Hello. If you want to pass through here, ask me first.

Shiny Golden 'Palace'?

This certainly looks 'Gorgeous' for me... Cant really look into its eyes....

Our trip costs about 1700 Baht per person. It included:
  • airport pick-up, then go to Doi Inthanon with a very comfortable van
  • Ticket to enter Doi Inthanon national park
  • lunch
  • mineral water
  • english speaking tour guide ( a good and funny lady)

We reach our hotel at about 6.30 pm. Day was still early. We had other plans.

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