Monday, February 2, 2009

What is so special about Hall of Justice?painting???

There is a hut with painted ceiling. It is not ordinary painting, but it is painting that is derived from Balinese teaching. Every painting also have their story and moral behind them. At first, two of us just looked at the painting and took some pics and don’t really appreciate them. But, after listening to the explanations of a tour guide ( not our tour guide. Our tour guide was sitting in his car), it really opened up our eyes. He is really good and telling stories of each of the painting. Thanks!!!

closer view of the picture. there are really fascinating, but too bad they are just exposed to the hot weather, busy traffic as the hut is just stood beside a road. just the top and no covering of the hut as shown in the second pic. plz conserve these treasure

Mothers out there, we better start breast-feeding our baby. If not………….

Entrance ticket: Rp 10,000


renaye said...

many asian countries still haven't give a thought of conserving historical sites. they only think that development brings in the most money, often historical tourism is not taken into account.

Xjion89 said...

The paintings are so unique. One day, I will go and visit and explore the storyline!