Tuesday, February 10, 2009


31th july 2008 is our third day in Bali, we did a lot of travelling,spending most of the day on the road. from Ubud-Bekasih temple-Justice Hall- Sukawati-Kuta.

Sukawati is known as the Bali Art Market and there have all kind of handicrafts and textiles. of course, we did not come back empty handed.


i love this slipper very much. they come with a variety of colours and designs.
Rp 10,000 ( RM 3.5) per pair

aromatic set as sourvenirs.
Rp 35,000 for 4 set

a very cool pant. i think.
Rp 20,ooo

our car rental ( included driver ) of the day = Rp 320,000 ( RM 115.20 / USD 32) and last about 8 hours.

in Bali, there are many travel booths and travel packages or charter cars. tourist can pick up loads of brochures and do some comparison of the service and the price.

we chose to charter a car, so that our trip is more flexible and we can go wherever we wanna go, and can stop there for as long as we like. by the way, when u take a taxi, or some something, please dont forget to bargain.

below are some references :
6 hours USD 30
8 hours USD 35
10hours USD 40
12 hours USD 45

usually, these are four wheels drive that can accommodate 5 pax and includes petrol, some include a tour guide.

ps :during our 5 days trip there, we tried out taking package or charter our own car. our conclusion is......... try to get a good tour guide and he/she will definitely make your Bali trip a wonderful one because they will tell you information of the place, their culture, religion.... or else, they would just sit there and say nothing and we all blur blur and walk around and take picture and thats it.

Igede Kesena.... a very nice, friendly and hardworking tour guide that we met in Bali. if anyone out there that is looking for a tour guide and just contact him. his hp is 081 239 63519, or send him a e mail : de_kasena@yahoo.com


kennhyn said...

a good tour guide is important, they can really

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good tour guide and good tourmate make a wonderful trip