Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mUst see them in BALi !!!

today was our second last day in Bali and it was definitely a wonderful day.

we joined a guided tour and we really enjoyed the trip. because :

-the places that we visited are very very beautiful
-the experienced tour guide really gave us a detailed guided tour that made us really know Bali a further more
-last but not least, that was our second last day in Bali, of course we wanted to enjoyed it to the top

our first stop : Taman Ayun Temple
it is the royal family temple of King Mengwi that was built in Year 1634. it is one of the largest temple in Bali.

entrance ticket : Rp 3,ooo

this is the door to get into the main temple. only the royal family have the privilege to go inside for praying.

this is how the main temple look like.

2nd stop : Bedugul
we went up and up over 1000 meters above sea level to Bedugul. another cooling places and with strong sunlight where most of the people here also with tan skin and brush cheeks. due to sun burn , i guess.

here, we encountered a breathtaking temple which is the nevertheless floating Ulun Danu Temple. why floating? it is because the temple is built on the Lake Bratan. very very relaxing...

the temple is in sea. how to go there? by boat?swim?? it is definitely a task to go for the praying. is it to show the sincerity?

the floating temple....

3rd stop : Tanah Lot temple

this is my first impression when i see her!!! it is definitely gorgeous. this is the MUST go spot in Bali. sitting there, i wondering how Balinese managed to build this temple? it is a wonderful job.

at about 6pm, the moment that all of us waiting for finally arrived. THE SUNSET. after the sunset, the tides started flooding onto the rocks that we were standing on and gradually the temple becomes an island. it is really hard to explain it by words.

before the tides, tourist can walk on the rock towards the temple. but after the tides, we have to swim.haha~

tour fees : Rp 230,000 each ppl
experience : priceless

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Borneo Falcon said...

I always want to go to Bali one day. It's really beautiful.

This is my first visit to this blog. Very comprehensive tour around Bali I must say. Might be useful when I want to go to Bali