Thursday, February 12, 2009

are we going to sleep on the street in Bali?

got to sleep with this doberman by the roadside???

we reached Kuta at about 8pm. guess what. we didnt have any room reservation and we thought that we can just drop into any guest house and get ourselves a room to stay for overnight.

BUT......... we were totally wrong!!! July and August are the super peak season and all the hotels were full!!!! all full!!! we walked and walked around that area to look for a shelter. hehe. we were not alone, and there were a few groups of tourist that didnt have a room too.

1 august 2008 was a disaster for both of us. we were tired, exhousted and i was sick with very very painful sore throat, headache and we didnt have a room for that night!!! when i think of that, i really wanna cry~~

anyway, we managed to get ourselves a room finally at about 9pm. it was located in a very secluded area. i got to say this. the room was in a very very bad condition. not so clean bed sheet. slightly dirty bathroom that has no shower tap ( until i dont want to take my bath).

anyway, i were really grateful that we had a room and the room was only Rp 100,000 per night with breakfast.

we learnt a lesson. planning is important. it is good to do room reservation ahead. some even give better price if book earlier.


lcfu said...

hahahahaha.... you gotta check out the peak season in every places you are heading to next time!! =)

seen said...

i paid a very good lesson for that.thanks