Tuesday, July 1, 2008

story about marble

whenever i am down or feel discourage, i would read at this article. someone special share it with me and i would like to share it with all of you.

once upon a time ( usually story also starts with this sentence ), there was this museum laid with beautiful marble tiles, with a huge marble statue displayed in the middle of the lobby. Many people came from all over the world just to admire this beautiful marble statue.

One night, the marble tiles started talking to the marble statue.

Marble tile: Marble statue, it's just not fair, it's just not fair! why does everybody from all over the worldcome all the way here just to step on me while admiring you ? Not fair!

Marble statue: My dear friend, marble tile. Do you still remember that we were actually from the same cave?

Marble tile: Yeah! That's why I feel it is even more unfair. We were born from the same cave and yet we receive different treatment now. Not fair!

Marble statue: Then, do you still remember the day when the designer tried to work on you, but you resisted the tools ?

Marble tile: Yes, of course I remember. I hate that guy ! How could he use those tools on me, it hurt so badly.

Marble statue: That's right! He couldn't work on you at all as you resisted being worked on.

Marble tile: So???

Marble statue: When he decided to give up on you and start working on me instead, I knew at once that I would be something different after his efforts. I did not resist his tools, instead I bore all the painful tools he used on me.

Marble tile: Mmmmmm.......

Marble statue: My friend, there is a price to everything in life. Since you decided to give up half way, you can'tblame anybody who steps on you now."

well, what im trying to say is the more hard knocks you go through in life, the more you'll learn and put them to use in the future!! Do not be discouraged by setbacks and failures.

haha.. please knock on me...

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JS said...

written words are different from voice. Even though this has been posted for some time, the spirit and inspiration in u while writing this article will never stop there...I close my door to many new thing happening around me and around my dear friends for quite a long time....Emmm..I just think this article is right for me at this moment and emotion. Mayb you have forget the feeling when you drop your pen here, but I would give you my assurance, you are indirectly helping me, DO KEEP the good job, if possible lah. Last but not least, TQ. (^o^) Cheers