Thursday, July 24, 2008

OMG... Nuffnang gift ideas contest!!!come join..

Lately, my brother keeps on me about this contest. ' you must join it! you must look at it!' thats what he has been telling ok.ok. finally, i looked at it. well. i should say it is interesting. thanks, bro :]

So, with this chance given by nuffnang gifts idea contest and, I have decided to give fellow nuffnanger, xjion89, the most "punctual" person I have ever known a present. Actually, the least.

The gift I have chosen is

The reasons are:

  1. to ensure that he will be in time for his classes.
  2. the most important is that, to make sure that he will never borrow my watch(^ ^).

At the end of day, when he sees the post, hopefully, he will like it.

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Great ideas! Everything sounds fantastic! I would not know what to choose...

Wow! What a great list! This took some time to put together.
Thank you so much.