Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wollongong- Nan Tien Temple ( The largest temple in Sourthern Atmosphere)

Nan Tien or The Southern Paradise Temple is the largest temple in the sourthern hemisphere. A buddhist temple in a western country... this really stir up my curiorisity and must go and witness it by my own eyes. After looking at thier official website ( and been there myself, only I got to know that Nan Tien Temple is not only a big temple for praying, but it only serves as an educational centre for meditation retreats, excursion, art classes and including a lodge too.

Driving there is not really tough because there are signage in most of the road.

This was temporary set up in conjuction of Buddha's birthday with the inspiration of the birth of Buddha in Lumbini. Miracally, after birth, the little Buddha stood up and walked 7 steps. As he walked, lotus flowers bloomed.

Wishing ponds - I guess this is one of the favourite of most people as we have lots of wishes and we hope that by throwing coins into the little wishing pond, our wishes would be granted. Well. I think the intention is good because as we pray whole heartedly and sincerely, I believe that we can attract the good thing. Law of attraction.

Beautiful architecture and each one of them has their own story and meaning. In order to know about Nan Tian Temple, we joined the guided tour which cost AUD 4 per person for 90 minutes tour. I think it worths every cent of it because it is really informative!!! If not mistaken, it is only conducted on weekends at 1pm.

Little guardians on the rooftop

Can you see the difference between these two 'lions'? Clue : one of them is female and the other one is a male. The one that holding a ball with its right leg is a 'HE' and 'SHE' is the one holding a baby with its left leg. All these information were given by our tour guide.

Pagoda - only the ground floor is open for public.

Walking up the hills and heading up to a special place

This is the special place - Nan Tien Gratitude Bell. It is to acknowledge the gratitude we have for our parents and ancestors. Filial piety is one of the virtues of marality and one of the most imprtant one too. As young, we were tought to always practice filial piety in respect of our parents. This is not a normal bell, but a bell which Filial Piety and Respect to Parents Sutra are inscripted on the bell. It is believed that we can send good wishes to our parents and family by sounding the bell.

Overlooking the beautiful view beneath the Gratitude Bell

The temple is very spacious and though it was full with tourist on that day, we still felt very calm and peaceful. Everything seem in a slower pace and relaxing. Another features of the temple is .... all these cute little monk in different posture. REally adorable.

Every pillar, flag and drums also has its own story. Our tour guide told us lots of information during our 90mintues tour. We also got to know that there is a lodge inside Nan Tien temple which is the Pilgrim Logde. If I have more time, it would be good to stay overnight and join their activities such as medication retreat.

This is interesting. Before we going out from the temple, we saw a chinese phrase on the door. The direct translation is : if you do something bad/wrong, but if turn back, you would back to shore or else you may face deep fierce sea in fron of you. Actually, it means if you make any mistakes, please stop doing that and you will be safe or will not trap deeper and deeper.

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