Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cari makan- Ipoh Old Town : The Coffee

Lots of people love coffee. Some of them even deeply in love with coffee until have to show up in the coffee shop two times a day. My dear father is one of them. Well. He is addicted with the coffee and everyday he would automatically takes his car and go to that coffee shop - in Ipoh Old Town.

The white coffee is very smooth, with great aroma and taste very very good. very gao + make you wanna have second cup

As the name implies, Ipoh old town is still with rows of old buildings. full with special old fashion feeling

Though there are some renovated new shops around that area. This row is mainly chinese shops, and the row of shops that is next to this are mainly Indian shops


Drinking coffee only cant fill up the stomach, got to have really good food too. The Hakka noodle is good. The choo cheong fun is very nice. Although it is simple, but the source is really special RM2.50

Lining up for money? Nope. For this roast pork. yum yum. To my surprise, the pork is quite expensive. RM5 for this small portion of roast pork.

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