Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is so special about Doi Inthanon, ChiengMai?

Chiangmai- a city that i dream to go long long time ago and at last i had a chance to leave my footprints and money( shopping) in that marvelous city.

When i think of 'Chiangmai', i would automatically relate it to a cooling+chilling place ALL YEAR ROUND, somewhere like our Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands. After i went there, only then i realize that was not 100% correct.

According to our tour guide, actually Chiangmai has 3 seasons, which are cool ( November - early February), hot season ( March-May) and rainy season (June to October). The best visiting season is cool season especially November where there are flower festivals and the climate is good and comfortable. During the hot season, the temperature may goes up to 36 oC!!! wow!!! Sauna!!!

One of my friend happened to be the 'victim' because he went to ChiengMai with his family( parents and 2 children who are less than 5 years old), and all of them also cant stand the hot weather. It was not an enjoyable trip for them. It is important for us to check the season or climate before we go for a trip.

Climate definitely play a vital role whether it is a unforgettable sweet memory or disastrous memory.

During my first day in ChiengMai, we joined a guided tour of Doi Inthanon. It is one of the national parks. This national park is very big where it has 2 waterfalls, villages, markets, restaurants,guest house .... Entrance ticket is required in order to go into the national park.

i like Doi Inthanon for a few reasons:

Reason 1 :

The whitish and silky waterfall ( Vachiratharn Waterfall)
The height is 90metres( according to my tour guide)
Very relaxing when looking at the waterfall. A can see but cant swim waterfall because a lot of rocks.

After climbing up and down the staircases to look at the waterfall from different angles, perhaps one is hungry. NO worry. there are restaurant just beside the waterfall. yum.yum.

another waterfall in Doi Inthanon (Sirithan Waterfall)
the height is only 40 metres
a different kind of waterfall from the first one. sorry because busy looking around and totally forgot to take the picture of the waterfall. quite a distance of road has to be walked before reaching the view point of the waterfall. well. a good pair of shoes is very important.

During the trip, the tour guide asked us a question.
Which city of Thailand has the longest name in Thai?

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