Monday, March 2, 2009

hard rock hotel

after an enjoyable day, we met up with our friends who stayed in Hard Rock Cafe Hotel at the Kuta beach. it is really a great place. comfortable and convenient. there are restaurant, shops around that area. the beach is just in front of the hotel.

this was our last day in Bali and we not yet had a chance to try out the famous Balinese massage. haha. this is really a new experience for me. whole body massage and facial wash. it costed me about Rp 300,000. the massage centre is located far from kuta and transport was provided by the centre. honestly, the decoration of the centre is not really very very special and the massaging was .... so so only. but till now i still remember the facial wash. not because it is very good but because it is very very 'special'. special until i wanna scream for help. the massage lady scrub and scrub my face till i felt like my face is going to peel off. i wonder is it the way they do facial? another friend of mine also had the same experience as me.

wanna see more of the famous Hard Rock Hotel??

there is a temple inside Hard Rock Hotel

the swimming pool

the swimming pool

Bali is really a very nice place. if have chance, i will go there again and now i am back to malaysia and have my ordinary life.

where will i go for my next trip??

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